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With both teams falling on hard times as they find themselves in the rebuilding stage, the Boston/LA rivalry just isn’t what it used to be…so much, that when asked about the Boston Celtics during an interview, NBA star Kobe Bryant said he can’t even name FIVE Celtics players!

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Don’t ask Kobe Bryant to name the Celtics’ starting five. He can’t.

The Lakers-Celtics rivalry has fallen on hard times with both teams in the process of rebuilding their rosters. Bryant is the only holdover from the last time the two teams met in the 2010 Finals, and he can’t name five current Boston players. “Nope,” Bryant said with a laugh, via the Boston Herald.

For the record, the Celtics’ starting lineup for most games consists of some combination of Evan Turner, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Jared Sullinger and Tyler Zeller

Kobe Bryant goes on to say that even his kids haven’t adjusted to the new Boston Celtics roster, seeing KG & Pierce and asking “what are they doing” on other teams…

“It’s strange to see, but I guess it’s what they’ve got to do. What’s really weird is my kids, when we watch TV and we watch the games. They’ll see Kendrick Perkins and they’ll see Paul (Pierce) and see KG (Kevin Garnett) in different places, and they’ll be like, ‘Wait, what are they doing there?’”

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