Lil B Gives Rare Speech at Carnegie Mellon

#ThankYouBasedGod—Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon this week to drop gems, lift hearts, and continue to mystify as one of the most intriguing presence’s in Hip Hop and pop culture today.

After previewing this speech via Twitter, Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon. Using the platform to give positive words, unique insights on life, a few laughs and also paying tribute to slain Bay area rapper Jacka (RIP)–who he said “definitely said things that were healing to him and a lot of others” despite being negatively labeled a gangsta rapper. The rap star built on his preferred theme of empathy, community and self growth through a buzzing interaction with students and their flurry of shout-outs:

“I love you, thank you. This is all of us together, say what you feel, please try to respect each other and give the right of way. But this is an open time for us to talk cause I want to learn from you guys too..and women. [Noise and applause]. And those who might not identify with me.”

The young phenom Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon began by highlighting selected quotes to set up a dialogue about defining oneself, stating “we are who we choose to identify with.” He also addressed various topics including Geraldo Rivera, saying “I don’t even know if he’s classified as a journalist.” The Based God has an incredibly loyal fan base and social media following who have rallied around him through success, near death experiences and even drama with Facebook/Instagram and continues to build that base with every tweet, post and appearance.

He’s of course though not the only gig in town for university speeches, as Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon joins Kanye taking on guest lecturer at Oxford University this week.

Check the vid!

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