Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye Album

Some behind the scenes scoop as Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album, the first artist the up-and-comer has ever written for!

Word is out on the new Ye album So Help Me God hovering over the year 2015. As the singles and musical foreplay continue via cuts like “Wolves”, “FourFiveSeconds” (have you heard the DJ Mustard remix?) and most recently the Theophilus assisted “All Day” (did you see the Brit Awards performance?)–Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album.

Hip Hop DX and Montreality report Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album a trip since he’s never written for an artist and actually spent eight hours writing the song for his mentor. The story behind how it all came about is pretty cool too, also revealing some insider details about the creative process around Yeezy season:

“He’s like, ‘Yo, why don’t you write a song for me?'” London recalls. “‘Do you know how much pussy around the world you’d get if you’re on my album?’ I looked at Kanye and I was like, ‘Alright, you got the wife and the kids now, but you still that sex symbol,'” Theo says. “‘Instead of rapping about your wife and saying how you guys have sex, make it universal, talk about what you guys do but don’t say her name.’ So, every girl can think they’re the girl you’re talking about…On “All Day,” Theo explains that originally the song had a Jamaican sample but he and Kanye decided to swap the sample and use Theo’s background vocals.

“Kanye is changing the album everyday,” Theo says. “When I heard the album, it was done. Six-to-nine months later, he’s still working on it. So, everyday it’s a new album when he wakes up. He’s the hardest working dude and he’s older than all of us… That’s why I look up to him.”

Theophilus London Talks Writing for Kanye’s Upcoming Album though he still doesn’t know if the song will make it to the album due to Ye being deep in his artistic zone. As for Theophilus, it’s truly only up from here.

Check the vid for the full interview!

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