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If you were as excited as TatWza about the April 24th Apple watch release date, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Apple has canceled it’s scheduled release of the Apple Watch 1, this Friday, due to a supply shortage. You’ll still be able to pre-order your Apple watch, and try one on in the store, but shipments will not begin until mid-May. Even if you’re one of the almost 1 million people who’ve already pre-ordered the watch, the earliest you can expect to receive it is June.

Some Apple enthusiasts may not be surprised by the news. This isn’t the first time they’ve had this problem. As the iPhone and iPads have become more and more popular, supply shortage has become a common theme among releases. One thing is for sure. The true “Appleholics” will wait! If you’re looking for style, sturdy build quality, and simplicity of use, it may be worth the wait. Apple products have been known to provide trendy, yet simple ways to communicate, save important information, and share experiences. There are reports stating that some developers have received emails from Apple; offering them an opportunity to own the watch as soon as April 28th. This would give them a head start in building applications consumers will love. It sounds like a good idea, but at this time it’s merely speculation.

While the Apple watch may be cool, and the new thing to buy. It definitely is not cutting edge. The technology has been around for almost a decade now. Americans have been able to purchase touch-screen phone/watches from our “friends” in China/Japan for quite some time. Which leads to the next point; the marketing! There would be no frenzy, nor supply shortage for such a device, without the genius behind the Apple marketing plan. Although the watch is not available, celebrities like Beyonce have been spotted wearing one (You want one now don’t you?). The Apple Watch 1 hasn’t even been released and it’s sold out; and when the Apple Watch 2 releases many who purchased the first one will feel like it’s obsolete. How do they keep doing this to us?

Is this thing really worth all the hype? Sound off below!

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Source: CNN TechCrunch