The CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad, gives us a shocking number of how many women he’s actually been with on the genius dating app, Tinder. Hit the jump to find out.

Frankie Zing

Usually when you’re successful in the business world, you don’t talk about your success in the numbers of how many girls you banged. Well obviously that rule doesn’t apply to the head of the company for Tinder, Sean Rad.

In an interview with The Evening Standard, Sean revealed to everyone that he’s had sexual encounters with only 20 women.

That’s not what we were expecting, certainly coming from someone who is in control of people “encountering” one another.

In a slew of unusual comments, Rad said he was addicted to the app and it made him sexually attracted to women for their intelligence. He then began to confuse the words “sodomy” and “sapiosexual”, in a bizzare manner.

Rad’s “head of communications” was present during the interview, and commented:

‘Yeah this is okay to talk about. This is not okay to talk about anywhere, especially on the eve of your IPO.”

Tinder’s parent company Match group tried to distance themselves from their affiliations with Rad’s comments, by implying he is “not on the executive team of the Match Group.” Which we know, considering he works for Tinder, not Match Group.