Kanye West’s visual for his song “Famous” are beginning to weigh in on the celebrities he ‘featured’ in. There’s a range of mixed emotions, and an emotion we were all not surprised to hear about is how pissed Taylor Swift is.

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Kanye West’s recent visual for his song “Famous” off of “The Life Of Pablo” album came at a partial surprise to viewers. We are all pretty much aware of the fact that Mr. West has no limits when it comes to displaying his creative side, so with that how are fans always left surprised? After this debut, fans can confidently say there is no limits for Kanye.

In the video it highlights many public figures and celebrities that are or have been influential in society today, ranging from Chris Brown, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and George Bush.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West were already at odds and dealing with ‘he said she said’ drama after the premier of his album that took place during West’s fashion show earlier this year. The use of the lyric, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous” is what caused the drama. Swift says she did not give Kanye permission, and Kanye disagrees and states she did in fact give the ‘ok’…so that has been left under the category of ‘he said she said’.

According to a source close to Taylor Swift who spoke with Hollywoodlife:

“Taylor is livid and horrified. She didn’t know what to do when she heard about what Kanye did. She is bewildered, feels betrayed, and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is like a complete nightmare.”

Another individual who spoke against his unwanted appearance on the rapper’s visual was a representative of Former President George Bush. The representative told TMZ:

“In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush.” The representative added, “He [Bush] is in much better shape.”

Former President George Bush and Kanye West have extreme awkward tension from the past when West claimed Bush doesn’t care for black people. In which, West publicly announced on television during a broadcast with Mike Myers.

Chris Brown weighed in a comment as well for the visual premier. Check it out in the gallery.

Other celebrities whose likeness is featured in have yet to weigh in.