Over the weekend, Drake took the opportunity to throw more shots at Meek Mill, once in D.C. and then again in Meek’s own hometown of Philly. Some see it as sport and don’t feel bad for Meek because he started the beef, while others feel like Drake is taking it way too far (he did call him a “p*ssy,” after all,) and should let it go. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg falls into the category of the latter.

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Taking to Twitter today, the outspoken radio host called out Drake (who we know isn’t on the greatest of terms with Peter and co.,) and told him to stop with the tough guy act and keep making club hits.

“Disappointed in @Drake. Someone has you really gassed bro,” Peter bemoaned. “dissing Hot in NYC, Meek in Philly … you’re an actor bro..you’re as soft as me.”

Check out his full rant in the gallery and let us know if you agree!