(Photo) Burger King Debuts Soggy ‘Chicken & Waffle’ Sandwich

Burger King - Have It Your Way

I mean this is just not looking right! Would you care to taste a sorry soggy looking sandwich?!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Singer Electroshocked On Stage


The liveleak I got this from says ‘salsa singer’, and no one in the room knows whom he is, but he not only got shocked, smoke came out of his armpit, that means that sweat dried up immediately!!

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(Photo + Video) California School Teacher Brings New Meaning To “Pot” Luck!!!


Teresa Gilmete Badger, a first-grade teacher from Benicia, California was arrested on Friday for three felony counts of poisoning. Turns out, the 47-year-old brought weed-laced snacks to a potluck and after a police investigation is now on administrative leave.

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(Warning*Extreme*Graphic) Woman Cuts Off Her Husbands ‘Package’ [Photo/Video]


This indian woman went ‘lorraina Bobbet’ on her husband because she ‘suspected’ he was cheating. No word on if he was, but this story is crazier than the Bobbet saga!

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(Video) Horrible! Student Not Only Secretly Spread HIV, He Videotaped it.

IFWT_Student who possibly spread HIV at school - Michael

This Is bad, Dude not only knew he had HIV, and spread it without saying anything, he videotaped it. He may possibly get the death penalty. More than 30 women possibly have HIV, police say they saw 32 on tapes they found in Michael Johnson’s dorm room at Lindenwood University in Missouri.

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(18+*Video) Is THIS Instagram’s Best Booty?!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

With IG, it’s kinda difficult to say WHO has the perfect booty, but since this got some type official news type report, I guess it’s worth this post 0_0

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Philadelphia Policewoman Ruptured 16-Year-Old Boy’s WHAT During Pat Down?!?


Philly PD are now launching an internal investigation after 16-year-old Darrin Manning claimed that he was stopped and harassed by a female officer “for no reason” while with a group of friends. The group was heading to an after-school basketball game. According to sources, “Manning says he was handcuffed and patted down by a female police officer, who grabbed and pulled his genitals. He underwent emergency surgery the following day.”

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(Video) Ohio Killer’s Execution Took Up To 25 Minutes And Now His Family Wants to WHAT?!?!


Dayton, Ohio recently hosted the execution of Dennis McGuire, who was convicted for the rape and murder of a pregnant newlywed back in 1989. Unlike typical approaches used when putting one to death, McGuire’s seemed torturous. It took around 25 minutes between the time he was injected with a newer set of drugs and his time of death. Check out why after the jump.

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(18+ Only – Video) Nya Lee Films Butt Injections “It’s The Year Of Plastic Surgery.”


Hol’ Up – da fuq! Nya Lee has curves, yes, but like many, they were paid for. The reality star/femcee took us into her doctor’s office to show us, her actually in the middle of getting her a** injections.
Home girl is really trying to get Dr. Shiam some business. This is too funny! “It’s 2013 [2014]. It’s the year of plastic surgery,” Nya says about letting the world in on her “intimate secrets.” 18+ only, check this out, after the jump.

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What Happens To A Nipple When Breast Surgery Goes Wrong!


Damn shame! Tiffany Rowe-Storms, an ex-reality star, from MTV’s There and Back is going through the motions. Back in 2008, Rowe-Storms went to get breast surgery (bigger titties), but something went awry. “Open sores developed” around the left nipple, she says. After having to be hospitalized two-years later for pain from that breast, the ex-girlfriend of Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town) found out that she had a staph infection. Leakage began coming from her left breast in 2012, and a second surgeon told Rowe that she was, “at risk of losing her arm or worse, had it spread” any further.
Here we are today, she’s suing the original doctor for malpractice – as she should. The moral of the story LADIES and gentlemen, stop doing all of these unnecessary procedures – your life or health could be at risk.

At Your Own Risk: Google “bad boobs” or “bad breast augmentation.” It’s just terrible.

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