Obama’s Victory Speech On Election Night: The Full Text Filled With Inspiring Quotables


Between Twitter, Facebook and the web overall, you can find a bunch of inspiring quotes all over TL’s. A bunch of them were from last night’s speech by Obama. He really tried to make both sides comfortable & tried to let us know despite our differences, he wants to move the politics about it aside & do what’s best for America. Read the full transcript below and watch the video here.

Biz Baby

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LIVE STREAM: President Barack Obama Addresses The Nation After Being Re-Elected

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has been re-elected to run this country for another 4 years. Click below to see him address the nation.

WiL Major

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4 More Years! @BarackObama WINS The Election!

ifwt_obama wins

It was a very neck-in-neck race the entire night, with our President in the lead toward the end of the night, but nothing was concrete yet as major states like Florida were still being counted. However, the numbers are in, and Barack Obama will be our President for the next four years! 2 termzzzz!

Marisa Mendez

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Presidential Election: Breakdown Of Electoral Votes For Each State!


As of now Romney is in the lead of electoral votes coming in with 159 while President Obama has 147… But lets not forget, it only takes 270 to win and with dozens of states still voting, the lead will keep swinging back and forth throughout the night.. So get ready for a long night!
Funk Flex

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Ohh!? Amber Rose Likes When Wiz Calls Her WHAT?!


This is kind of funny… Amber Rose admitted what she likes to be called by Wiz, and she explains why!! Click below to find out.

Melissa Nash

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Commuters Rejoice! The Holland Tunnel To Reopen Tomorrow!


The Holland Tunnel has been closed since Sandy swept the tri-state off its feet over a week ago, causing commuter nightmares across the board. But some good news has come out of the Governor’s office, as they’ve announced it will reopen tomorrow morning at 5am! Best news I’ve heard all week! Now give me a second term for Obama and I’ll be the happiest person ever!

Marisa Mendez

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Wu Tang Clan To Release New Album Soon!


Best news of the day! Wu Tang has officially announced that they will be releasing a new album very soon. Click below to see their announcement.


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DOWNLOAD: Mister Cee “Election Mix” On @Hot97 Throwback At Noon


With one of the most important day in our country in progress Mister Cee fires it up on the airwaves with an “Election Mix” available below.

DJ RellyRell

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Lil Wayne Speaks On Losing His Recent Lawsuit- He’s NOT Happy About It!!

IFWT Lil wayne

Yesterday we reported that Lil Wayne lost his Quincy Jones III lawsuit because of his crazy disposition. Lil Wayne spoke on the situation and he’s really pissed about it! Click below to read more.


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Wow, The Game Is Paying People To Vote!!!??


This is awesome. The Game really wants people to vote, so much so that he apparently paid NYC residents who were impacted by Sandy, up to $10,000 to vote! He even drove the individuals to the poll! Click below for the rest of the details.


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