People Are Offended By The Image Of The New “BLACK” Barbie Doll


How dare they! The angry folks that is. Photos of the ‘new black barbie’ have surfaced and folks (African American/Black) are upset at what the image of the doll is trying to portray black woman as. Is this doll over the top – YES – so is every other doll they’ve made with their little a** skirts and shoes in every color. We have shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Bad Girls Club,” and celebrities like, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj running around here with the latest furs and colorful outfits and people have the nerve to be upset with the PLASTIC persona of the black woman. I am going to need people to get their lives in order. Check out who your daughters are really idolizing. Drop down bottom to see what the new “BLACK BARBIE” may look like with her Louis V. bags. MOMENT HAD!

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Check Out This Destiny’s Child…Starring In Her Own Reality Show !?!?


Since day one of joining Destiny’s Child this woman has been the center of plenty controversy for “lack of talent.” Someone’s always saying that she can’t sing or she can’t dance, this time though she can tell them ‘I can get a reality show.’ Entertainment One Television will air “My Sister’s Keeper,” and follow the life of Williams, her sisters (of course) and other family members all while she works on her next to drop gospel album.
“Working together on my new gospel album and television series, I am excited to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and journey of recording for the album, performing, fun family times and other unforgettable experiences out together with my dear sisters,” Williams says. How many of you are going to watch it? Will this show last or will it pull a “Starters’ Wives?” Drop down bottom for more and give your thoughts in the comments.

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(Video + Photos) “Butt Wars” Who’s Is Bigger, Firmer, And Sexier ???

Booty 6

Global Grind sits down with Ms. Phaedra Parks to go over how her and her husband, Apollo keeps things ‘hot & steamy’ as well as her’s and Kenya Moore’s tight booties. Who do you this has a firmer booty? Drop down bottom for some a** a** a** shots.

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OCTOMOM Partakes In Weed Brownies When The Kids Are Around !!!


This woman has extreme issues. Two days after being released from rehab for prescription drug abuse, OctoMom was issued a weed card. This card was given to her to keep her anxiety under control. You have how many kids lady, yet and still you have to be under the influence of “laced” snacks to take care of them. The mother/stripper is saying that the children are not at any risk and she does it only when the nannies are away – just her and the set of 14. DAAAAAAAMN!!! Drop down bottom for more.

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Lil Flip Pleads Not Guilty To Possession Of A Firearm & Weed And Speeding

Lil Flip

Lil Flip was arrested on Christmas Day, after being pulled over for speeding and cops found weed and an AR-15 in his car. Yesterday, the rapper pled not guilty to all 3 charges (possession of a firearm, possession of a schedule 1 narcotic (weed), and speeding.) He claims his rifle was legal and that he owns a concealed handgun license (he proved this), and there weren’t any blunts…they were Black & Milds. The pre-trial is set for April. Hopefully he beats it! Seems like the odds are in his favor.

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Ja Rule Has Been Released From JAIL But Goes Right Into Another One !?!?


He’s been so absent I forgot who Ja Rule even was for a moment. Back in 2010 Ja Rule was pulled over by NYC police for speeding and upon a search of the vehicle, they found a .40-caliber semiautomatic gun in one of the rear doors. The rapper was hauled off to prison on illegal possession of a weapon. After almost doing the full two years, Ja Rule was released HOWEVER, no sooner than being released he was placed right back into custody. For what you ask…the same thing most of these musicians do when they get money. Drop down bottom to find out why.

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(Video) Big Sean Releases Dates For His European Tour


Big Sean is doing BIG things right now. At this current time he’s working on the album process for “Hall of Fame,” launching his own fashion and lifestyle company named, “Aura Gold” and now, he’s announced the dates for a European tour. The concert series will take place during the remainder of February and most of March. Check out the video release down bottom.

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(Photos) Aw! Jessica Biel Standing By Her Man & Extremely Supportive Of Justin Timberlake!


Jessica Biel supported her husband Justin Timberlake as he performed at a post-Brits concert following his stunning comeback performance at the London awards. Jessica clearly enjoyed seeing her husband on stage, as she was on her feet all night singing to her husband’s music and dancing, and was caught happily smiling and waving at excited fans. How supportive! A fan who saw Jessica at the show revealed, ‘She knew the lyrics to all of his songs. It was so sweet. She was looking at him very lovingly.’ Plus, you’ll never believe what Jessica called Justin’s London fans! They’re too cute! See the photos and what she said about his fans below!

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Guess Who’s Going To Guest Star On Parks & Rec!

Parks & Rec

My favorite show is about to get even more fun! Though it’s just for one episode, one of my current fav funny guys will be making an appearance on the popular NBC sitcom. Find out who below!

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Chris Brown Puts All The Drama Aside To Start Working On His Sixth Album!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been going through a lot of drama lately, from the Frank Ocean fight, to court drama, to even rumors of trouble with Rihanna… With all the craziness that’s been going on, he has decided to put it all aside to work on his album. This is Chris’ sixth studio album. Click below for more details.

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