This Guy Buys A Toy Poodle And Gets WHAT Instead?!

Click the jump to see what Argentinians are selling to these gullible customers instead of toy poodles!

(Video) LOL!! Tennessee Man Dances To Aretha Franklin With A WHAT???!?!

Hailing from Tennessee, Mark Brown hit the web hard. He’s seen on video dancing to Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” with a raccoon. This is pretty cool, but he doesn’t do a good job combating stereotypes — like, the one about a certain group of people having no rhythm. Either way, it’s extremely entertaining. Check it out after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Man Throws Raccoon Downstairs After It Attacks His Dog!!

Many pet owners would do anything for their pets. Many pets would do anything for their owners. Digg founder, Kevin Rose proves it by saving his dog-in-distress from a savage raccoon. His method is hilarious on tape. He simply grabs it and flings it down some stairs. Check out the video after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Rare Shark Washes Up On Beach!!

Common to see around Hawaiian beaches, a hammerhead shark surfaces… LITERALLY! Jack Mullen was lucky to get this on camera, as some people risk their lives to do. Hit the jump to see the candid footage of the 8-foot shark.

WTF! Germany Opens Brothel For Sex With Animals?!?

Germans are getting their freak on! Although animal porn is illegal in Germany, since 1969 they legalized having sex with animals. Seems backwards doesn’t it? Apparently there’s a cult following for having sex with animals, and activists are up in arms over animal abuse, but it is seen as a lifestyle choice and more acceptable. Do these animals ever get into the sex? How clean are they? I have so many questions. Check out the article after the jump.

(*Graphic*) Sick Florida Man Gives New Meaning To The “Home Cooked Meals”

25-year-old Thomas Elliot Huggins of Tampa, Florida apparently likes to cook his meals fresh. Not only freshly-cooked, but he kills the animals himself. This time, he has clearly gone too far. Claiming that his mother’s dog became aggressive towards him, Huggins, then strangled the dog to death before cutting it into quarters and storing it in the freezer for future meals.

(Photos) Are THESE 5 Breeds Of Dogs Less Popular?!

Remember when dogs used to steal the show? Like, real dogs and not your favorite rappers. Hit the jump and check out some dying breeds. But don’t worry, they aren’t endangered just losing popularity.

KimYe’s Little North West Already Has A Pet?!?

Damn, that was quick! We already knew this little girl was going to be spoiled to death, but North received her first pet from auntie Kendall Jenner, and it’s definitely a little out of the box choice. Find out what it is after the jump.

WOAH: Man Stabs Dog In Park Because Of WHAT??

Crazy story, here. An 18-year-old kid killed his father’s Shetland Sheepdog because he thought it was possessed!

(Photo) Justin Bieber Has 24 Hours To Save His Monkey?!?

This poor monkey–taken from his mother before he turned one and traveled with Justin Bieber for a bit only to be detained in Germany for not having the proper paperwork in April. Now it looks like Germany is tired of playing babysitter and demands Justin save his monkey within 24 hours before it goes to a German zoo.

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