NetFlix Updates Feature In Android Phones Let’s You Go Binge Watch Now!

Netflix automatically plays the next episode for you but it’s mobile version did not have this feature. Netflix announced that it have released an update for Android phones that brings Post-Play to these devices. Finally being able to automatically playback episodes and movies at the end of the current content like it does on the website. Go check it out!

(Photo) Oh Shoot!! Meet Instagram 6.0!!!

Today IG released it’s latest version with some really nice NEW editing tools!!

(Photo) Is Flappy Bird Guaranteed In iOS8?!?

As Apple not only released a bunch of upgrades for OS X, and iOS 8, they also introduced a whole NEW way to actually code for Apps, and well practically all Apple based software, and it’s so clean and simple, someone reproduced the super popular mobile game in less than 24 hours!!

Apple Updates DJay App , Lets You Mix Two Songs At The Same Damn Time !!

Thursday morning the popular Mac and iOS app djay released an update that could eliminate the need for a DJ at your next party. The app now allows you to stream and mix any two tracks at the same time using Spotify , your music library or both. The app doesn’t lag, its super fast , and you can multitask with no problem at all. Also it will come with a learning tool that matches songs with similar beats. Don’t want to constantly be at the turntable? You can hook up the app to the match and fate setting on your iPhone or iPad and let it DJ for you.

(Video) Dope!! Is XTouch The Future Of iOS Apps?!

I believe the mass public would enjoy this to every extent, and would def get even more iOS devices in the world!!

NBA: Goodness! Shaq Pays How Much A Week For Apps?!?!

They don’t call him the big guy for nothing.  Shaq is spending big bucks on apps!!  Some of you may not know that Shaq is a geek is heart.  He loves all that tech stuff!  I had no idea but just learned that Shaq’s Twitter account was the first to be verified by the social-media company & he was a pre-IPO investor in Google.  This guy is amazing.  So how much does he spend on apps A WEEK?  He spoke with Evelyn Rusli at The Wall Street Journal —  the number may (or may not) surprise you…

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