Today IG released it’s latest version with some really nice NEW editing tools!!

Tat Wza

When you go to select a filter, you’ll now see a new wrench icon. Tap it and you’ll find a tray of photo editing tools ready for you to explore. You can also now adjust how much of a filter you apply to a photo by double tapping the filter icon.

*See Examples In Gallery Above*
The new editing tools include light and dark adjustments, sharpening effects, color adjustments, filter strengths, and more. Here’s the catch, it’s for iOS 7 and up, probably getting ready for iOS 8, but I have iOS 6, and won’t get upgraded until the new iPhone drops….speaking of which, not only did they NOT announce the new iPhone at WWDC, which they always do, the leaks and dummy models have stopped…Interesting! Any who, if you have iOS 7, get this and let me know what you think?!?