Thursday morning the popular Mac and iOS app djay released an update that could eliminate the need for a DJ at your next party. The app now allows you to stream and mix any two tracks at the same time using Spotify , your music library or both. The app doesn’t lag, its super fast , and you can multitask with no problem at all. Also it will come with a learning tool that matches songs with similar beats. Don’t want to constantly be at the turntable? You can hook up the app to the match and fate setting on your iPhone or iPad and let it DJ for you.

IFWT Techie Tat Wza Says “I like this App a lot as a hobby, but those that will believe they can go out and start a career using this App will not get the true sense of the craft, essentially killing it. Getting off my soapbox, this App is really dope, especially being early adopters of using your Spotify playlists to get into the mix!!”

The feature is also available to Spotify premium subscribers , and anyone who is both a Spotify subscriber and owner of this incredible app will be able to access a large library (20 million songs) to create , scratch , rewind, fast-forward and mix sets. ” Having access to over 20 million songs is like the Holy Grail for someone who wants to mix music.” says CEO Karim Morsy who has been a DJ for 15 years. ” This is the future of DJ’ing. We think its a whole new era.” Check out the gallery for pictures of this cool app!