(Photos)Will Yeezy Take Paparazzi Advice From Chris Brown!?

Kanye has been having a lot of issues with paparazzi lately. Most recent, they showed up at his pad 4am, as he and Kim were leaving.

Check It Out: Charges Against Yeezy Have Been WHAT???

You guys remember that video that came out this summer of Kanye wrestling with a member of the paparazzi WWE style at the airport. Well it seems like the charges that were going to be brought against Ye for that incident have been dropped. Ye has been cleared of all the potential charges and can go back to taking care of his family and touring. Check out more on this story…

(Update) Victim In, Chris Brown Hit-N-Run Case Wants To Drop The Charges, But The Prosecution DOESN’T!

Chris Chris Chris…he just can’t stay away from beef/drama related topics. Back in May, Chris Brown was involved in a very minor car accident. So minor that the victim, Olga Gure-Kovalenko no longer wants to go forward with the charges. Olga is pretty much done with the situation seeing as she doesn’t even want the money any more, however…The prosecution is thinking otherwise. Hit the jump for the details.

WTF! Lil Scrappy Talks Stabbing A Man For His Mom?!

That’s a good son! Lil Scrappy sat down for an interview where he talks about how he gets into a fight and ultimately stabs a man to save his mother, and how he felt about facing charges for it. Check out the interview after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Students Fighting On School Bus Leads To THIS!!!

Another Bus driver is catching heat for some heavy right-handed action occurring on a bus. This time, it’s not perverted (We Hope). Regardless, school bus driver John Moody is now in the hot seat. While driving his bus, three 15-year-old kids attacked a helpless, 13-year-old peer. Apparently, the beef originated once the 13-year-old (allegedly) told a teacher that the three kids tried to sell him marijuana. It seems that the three bullies waited until they got on the bus to settle the dispute. But despite the fight, the bus driver –now retired– is hearing it from critics for his lack of action. Hit the jump for more info.

50 Cent On His Way To JAIL For 5-Years?!

You read correct – not YALE, but JAIL. Hit the jump to see why 50 Cent – or as the system will refer to him as – prisoner #5050505050, might be doing 5-years.

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