Disney World Is Slowly Removing All Alligator Imagery After Deadly Attack

Following the deadly alligator attack on a two-year-old earlier this month, Disney World is quietly removing all alligator imagery from its theme park.

(Video) Footage Shows Previous Alligator Encounter At Disney World Weeks Before Killing

There actually was an alligator encounter among guests just weeks before unsuspecting 2 year old Lane Graves was dragged under and drowned.

Disney Is Building A ‘Frozen’ Attraction!

If you have kids and already took them to Disney, prepare to take them again. Disney’s Frozen was such a huge blockbuster and received many awards so of course they had to make an attraction. Today Disney announced that construction has begun. Read on to get the details on the new ride..

(Photos) Man Takes Selfie As Great White Shark Opens His Mouth Is Fake?!

Actually, he would have caught the moment just before his death, which is kinda nuts, Some how took an underwater selfie with a Great White opening his ‘Jaws’ behind him.

(Photos) Drake As Lil Wayne, Katt Williams, A-Rod & A Disney World Worker: Which Did He Do Best?!

Drake was known as an actor way before he was known as one of the most popular rappers of our time, so it came as a surprise to very few that he was amazing as the host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Of all of the roles he played, fans seemed to gravitate the most toward his portrayal of his YMCMB boss Lil Wayne (who he actually doubled up as Steve Urkel for at the same damn time), Katt Williams, Alex Rodriguez and a worker at an Indiana Jones attraction at Disney. Drake too seemed to enjoy these performances the most, as those were the only characters he shared on his Instagram page (for now, at least.) If you haven’t already, check out his performances here, and let us know your thoughts on which he did the best! My vote is on Weezy!

(Caught On Tape) Wow! Sinkhole Swallows Florida Resort Right Next To Disney World!!

A little after 9:00pm on Sunday, one resident at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Florida –10 minutes away from Disney World– began to hear a cracking sound, followed by breaking windows. Once he saw the windows burst, he immediately called for a security guard. While being questioned by the guard, another window busted and this time the guard noticed. After that, the guard called for back up and they began evacuating the premises. 40 minutes later, half of the building was 60 feet under ground. Hit the jump to see actual video of the collapse.

HOW Did This Couple Pay For Their Engagement Trip?

What INSANE illegal thing did this couple do to pay for their engagement trip to Disney World? Click the jump to find out!

(Photos) PEEP THIS: Springfield Move’s Into Universal Orlando!!!

Thats Right, The Simpson “Springfield” will be replicated at Universal Studio’s in Orlando. Hit the jump and check it out!

(Photos) LOL! French Montana Gets Goofy At Disney World

French Montana had some time off yesterday in Florida, so he and his team hit up the happiest place on Earth: Disney World! The guys made sure they got the best of it, copping character hats, acting silly riding around on carts and more. French didn’t finish his day there, though, as he then went back to where they’re staying and took a look at the stars with Ted. Yes, the stuffed animal. LOL! Check the pics in the gallery.

Actor Tom Hanks To Play Walt Disney

I’ve always wondered when someone will ever make a movie about the late Walt Disney. Now we have learned that Tom Hanks has been chosen for the leading role and I couldn’t be happier with their selection. Hanks always makes amazing movies and I am sure he will not disappoint in this new role. To prepare for this role, Hanks did some research and two trips to the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco! Hanks was quoted saying:

“It’s like a trip to Disneyland itself. It’s the third happiest place on the planet, behind Disneyland and Disney World.”

The life of an actor! I guess we will just have to wait and watch out for the film! Eloisa Melo

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