(Video) GS9 Member Backtracks 50 Cent Diss, Targets Sha Money XL And Epic Records

After making flagrant, disrespectful comments about music and business mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, it appears GS9’s P Gutta averts his attention from 50 Cent to Sha Money XL and Epic Records.

(Video) GS9 Member Now Co-Signs 50 Cent’s Comments And Goes Off On Sha Money And Epic Records

#IFWT reported on 50 cent holding Kidd Kidd down at the XXL freshman concert when he was arrested and during 50’s performance, he took some shots at Sha Money and Epic for not bailing Bobby Shmurda out of Rikers. A GS9 member recently posted a video to share those same feelings!

(Video) Jahlil Beats Breaks Down How He Made Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Hot N*gga’ Beat

Talented producer Jahlil Beats is the man responsible for creating the oh-so catchy beat for Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N*gga beat that has the whole world Shmoney dancing (you know you do it when it comes on in the club, don’t front.) Get a look into the creation of the beat that took the internet by storm below! Jjjjjj Jahlil Beats, holla at me!

(Video) Bobby Shmurda Talks Signing Million Dollar Deal With Epic Records & More!

With the major success of his freestyle “Hot N*gga” everyone wants to get into the mind of 21-year old Brooklyn Rapper Bobby Shmurda. In a recent interview with Jenny Boom Boom Bobby spills some beans about possible mixtape features from Uncle Murda, Chris Brown and French Montana, and details signing with Epic Records for over $1 million. Check out the full video after the jump!

(Video) Teachers Read Mean Tweets About Them And Their Responses Are Epic!

We’ve all been in that situation, where you’re stuck in class, the teacher is getting a tad bit boring, you whip out your phone and begin to detail your dreadful class experience. Well.. this video will make you think twice! Check out as teachers read tweets about them, in this hilarious video below!

(Video) Are You Ready For The Next ‘Epic’ Level Of Angry Birds??

I mean Angry Birds has many versions, and levels(‘to this sh*t’), and they are back with something new, but apparently they are going a whole new route, no more just slinging the very unhappy fowl into swine!

SBOE Signs Deal With Epic Records!

Slow Bucks Over Everything! It was confirmed today by Epic Records’ Sha Money XL that they’ve signed Queens based rap group SBOE! This comes as no surprise, SBOE as a group has been dropping mixtapes left and right, filled with crazy collabs, radio spins, and straight up heat! Congrats! The Slow Bucks movement continues!

(Video) NBA: Knicks Fan Goes on EPIC Rant!!!

I just realized I forgot to post this up yesterday!  It’s pretty much a must see. Watch this Knicks fan go OFF about the Knicks.  He LOSES it & goes IN! Listen, I know it’s not looking good for my team, but I refuse to lose hope — not yet. We did get the W last night 🙂 #KnicksTape Check it out…

(Video) Slow Motion Video Just Went Social With The “EPIC” App!!!

Ok I have a great story here! My peoples over at Viddy, yes Viddy, one of the 1st and best social video platforms, hit me up to let me know they have a new App on the market! The App “Epic” is all about Slow Motion video, which has been becoming popular with those that purchased the iPhone 5S and it’s built in Slo-Mo Cam, well Viddy didn’t think twice and used the idea to make a stand alone app. The best part is you don’t need a 5S to now have slow motion!

(Photo) Obama Visits Nelson Mandela’s Old Jail Cell

Obama’s currently on his African tour, and the President made sure he paid his respects to Nelson Mandela’s family as Mandela is in critical condition after a series of illnesses. Today, Obama chose to visit the prison where Nelson was jailed, paying respects and physically viewing a prison that represented racism and apartheid in South Africa, and to show this to his two daughters and wife. Check out a picture of the epic visit in the gallery.

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