UPDATE: (Video) President Obama Has Now Issued Sanctions For Russian Hacking

President Obama has now decided to sanction five Russian entities and four individuals for allegedly hacking Democratic political organizations during the 2016 presidential campaign.

(Photos) Already Huh? Blac Chyna Tags Drake In Picture; Lil Durk Said He’s Next?

You know what they say, ‘a woman scorned’, earlier today Tyga hacked Chyna’s twitter account, said some rather unflattering words. Although she got it back and commented on the situation, it seems though as she wasn’t satisfied, she just had to go one more step!

Former Newspaper Editor Goes To Jail For What??

A British journalist went from editor in chief of the country’s best selling newspaper to a jail cell yesterday. Andy Coulson was told that all his accomplishments “now mean nothing” as a judge sentenced him to eighteen months in jail. The offense ? Conspiring to hack phones. Apparently Coulson had be listening to the voice-mails of celebrities, royals, politicians and crime victims.

Alert: Just To Be Safe, Check This To See If You Were Hacked!!!

So between major retailers losing you personal info, regular hackers, and the Heartbleed bug, you could very well be in jeopardy of a strong hacking. I know you’re like ‘but how can I tell?’, well worry no longer, the ‘tell’ is here!!

(Video) Watch Dogs Might Be The Most Tech Advanced Game EVER!!!!

This new gameplay trailer shows just how innovative this title is!! It’s like a mix of Saints Row, GTA, Assasin’s Creed, a little COD, even some Titan Fall in there, but all with the use of technology in today’s real life world, INCREDIBLE!!

(Check The Pics)Teen Hacker Caught In Miss Teen USA “Sextortion”

A 19 year old suspect was apprehended after allegedly hacking into the computer hard drives of several beauty queens, and got a hold of sacred nudes! Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) How To Hack Your Weapons For Watch Dogs Gameplay!!

Watch Dogs could possibly be the Game Of The Year, It looks like it’s Ony real competiotion is COD Ghosts(Of course), and No Doubt GTA V…This will be an interesting hardcore gamer year! Hit the Jump, but only if you’re a serious gamer!!

You Won’t Believe What A Hospital Employee Was Able To Do!!

If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you know how vulnerable you are. Not only is your health at risk – a lot of personal information, including financial and medical records, are in the hospital’s hands. Hospital employees have near total control over you during your stay, and we trust them to be responsible. The hippocratic oath that all doctors must take does say “Do no harm.” You have to see what one employee did in total violation of this.

Twitter Is Working On THIS To Stop Hackers!!!

After the hacking of the Associated Press’ account, Twitter announced it is working on a two step security authorization. This will help prevent hackers from gaining access from just a password.

Exclusive Interview: GamertagRadio Talks With SuperDaE, Man That Exposed New Xbox & PS4!!!

Our Friends at Gamertagradio got an Exclusive interview with the Incredible Hacker that has LEAKED both NEW Xbox Durango Connect, AND PS4 images that have Hit the net like Crazy!! And without further ado Please Hit the Jump to Heat the Dramatic Story for yourself!!

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