Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral To Surprise Her Husband Who Tried To Kill Her

Yes. This woman crashed her own funeral. All to surprise her husband who hired bounty hunters/killers to have her murdered. But, in an unexpected twist of fate she escapes and has lived to tell her story! This one is like a real life Taken only in reverse. Hit the jump!

(Photo) Erica Mena Introduces “HERCurves” Plus Size Collection

I think we all should give Erica Mena a lot of credit. We all know Erica came on the scene defensive and ready for war, but after we got to know Mena and watch her grow as a woman we can all agree we fell in love with her sweet side. Representing for fierce Bad Chicks everywhere, Erica’s touch of style is appreciated to girls of all ages, and now ofall sizes. Erica has added HerCurves to her new line “Her”.

(Video) Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight

Girl Attacks Mother Then Her Son In a Fight. Just when I think this world can’t get any more disgusting, I get proved wrong once again. Check out the horrific video of an 8th grader beating a woman then her son in a fight.

(Video) Comedian Bill Burr Gives His Parody Of The Movie ‘Her’!

Bill Burr has taken on the role of the artificially intelligent operating system, that has become the obsession of lead Joaquin Phoenix’s character, in the movie ‘Her’. Watch as Bill Burr transforms into ‘Him’, an Operating Software with rude tendencies, below.

(Video) Vine Is Known For Funny Vids, Adult Entertainment, and Now A Rape Case?!

Vine User(and Star with 2.7M followers), Jessi Smiles accuses her Ex and fellow Vine user Curtis Lepore(who has 3.4M followers) of Rape while they were dating. This ‘she say he say’ is starting to get crazy because their followers are coming to the defense of their Fav, and death threats are happening.

#GoldenGlobes Best Screenplay Goes To Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’!

Spike Jonze picks up a Golden Globe award for ‘Her’; hit the jump for more!

(Photos) Siri Gets Uptight When You Ask About ‘Her’ !!

Ok you may not know about a new movie named “Her”, where a man falls in love with a Siri-like voice of a device. When you ask Siri if she is her, she seems to have a tone of contempt 0_0

(Photos) Woman Falls 140 Feet After THIS Fails On “First Date”

After their first date, Jennifer Rosoff invited Stephen Close back to her place. However, things took a turn for the very worse as they had a cigarette on her balcony. While sitting on the structure, the railing that Rosoff was sitting on gave out from under her, causing her to fall 16 stories.

(Video) Rihanna’s Full Interview On The Ellen Degeneres Show!

Here is the full Rihanna interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show! Rihanna speaks of having children, her idols, her dating life, and “her.” who’s “Her” exactly? The last time she was on the show, Rihanna told Ellen about the part of her body she’s named. Click below to find watch Ellen catching up with “her!” Eloisa Melo

Meet The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Meet Barbara Arrowsmith, the woman who changed her brain after being diagnosed with severe learning disabilities for 26 years. Arrowsmith has opened a school in Toronto to help and teach children who suffer a range of severe and unusual learning disabilities. Read more below. Minosoar

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