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Vine User(and Star with 2.7M followers), Jessi Smiles accuses her Ex and fellow Vine user Curtis Lepore(who has 3.4M followers) of Rape while they were dating. This ‘she say he say’ is starting to get crazy because their followers are coming to the defense of their Fav, and death threats are happening.

Tat Wza

Is all the Adult Entertainment making people Bug out?!?
Now the only way to deal with this is wait for it to play out in court, Now Curtis plead ‘Not Guilty’ this week, then posted this vine;

And a bunch of these types of comments ensued;

“so jessi smiles told people Curtis raped her while they were dating. NO F**K YOU JESSI I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN YOU LITTLE BITCH.”

“Hows it feel to lie about being raped,” “F**king bitch he didn’t f**king rape you dumb bitch.”

Jessi took the high road and posted this;

Some of Her comments were also Not clean, but Most were positive:

Why did you do that to Curtis you lying faggot. Curtis is a good person I’ve met him before. I hate you.

You dance like you have a loose vagina from too much consensual sex that you think is rape


Love you Jess. Keep your head up <3 Many females look up to you! I'm so sorry this happened to you. Good for you for speaking out. It's her say against his. Only those two know what really happened. So why doesn't everyone just let them sort it out.

If this dude raped shorty he should Fry, but if it turns out the other way, she would be hurting ALL women….But like I said, just because one or the other is your fav, you still have to let this play out in court, especially in a case like this, you HAVE to let the facts speak.