Apple’s WWDC; New Mac’s, OSX, and iOS 7!!!!

Went Down in California, Apple’s WWDC is Back at it….This June it’s all about the Software, Let’s hear about the iOS, Mac OSX, and possible iRadio iTunes Radio Announcement, after the jump!

(Photo+Video) IFWT ‘Puts Them Paws’ On The NEW Galaxy S IV!!!!!

Ok Samsung Had their GSIV event at Radio City Today(Initial Pics Here), And I was there to put ‘Them Paws On It’, Hit the Jump the See the Full List of Pics!!!

Update: China Using Chicken Manure To Create Electric Energy

It is safe to say that chicken poop will no longer go to waste. China is dedicated to making one man’s trash… the world’s treasure. The plan started back in 2010 and is still on schedule. Hit the jump to find out how this works. Gernique N

Tech Talk Innovative: See Steve Jobs’ iOffice(Update)!!!

So the image above is what Steve Jobs has asked the Cupertino city council if he could build, and peep the video for his threat should he not be able to build it!! (UPdate) @TatWZA

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