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Went Down in California, Apple’s WWDC is Back at it….This June it’s all about the Software, Let’s hear about the iOS, Mac OSX, and possible iRadio iTunes Radio Announcement, after the jump!

*PHOTOS To Go With These Notes in Gallery Above*

It’s that exciting time of year where I get to see all the great stuff Apple is offering….from 3k miles away 🙁

Ok let’s Get Started:

Beside Apple execs like Time Cook, Al Gore(whom sits on Apple’s Board) is in the Building!

A couple people are in the building with Google Glass on 0_0

1p Start;

Everyone switches devices to silent mode

Tim Cook hits the stage to applause

24th WWDC – longest running

Biggest audience yet

100 sessions 120 labs 1000 apple experts av

This show sold out in 71 secs

Apple retail;
1 million ppl a day in apple stores

407 stores in 14 countries

App store

going on 5th Bday(next Moth)

50 Billion Apps downloaded

900k Apps in store 90% downloaded everymonth

575M accounts

PAID dev’s $10B $5B in just the last year X’s more than all other platforms combined

New in app store bringing AI and robotics to our daily lives

Anki Drive cars driving themselves

App gathers data

Video game in the real world

Gaming on a whole NEW level


72 M Mac’s
Macbook #1 notebook in US

#1 in customer satisfaction

Mountain lion 28M DL’d


Sea Lion?!

OSX “Mavericks”

New Finder Tabs
Full screen

Tagging to the Mac; in finder side bar; super for search

Multiple displays; Menu’s across multiple displays

App Nap; Shuts down apps when not in use

Reduce CPU up to 72%

Compressed Memory;
Using Memory Better

Improved Safari in Mavericks

Top Sites; New sidebar; Reading lists; Shared Links; Heavy Twitter integration

Less Memory usage

iCloud Keychain; remembers pswrds; encrypted; syncs across systems; remembers credit card info

New Notifications in Macs
can get iOS pushes on Macs!!!(if App is in Mac store)
on Lock screen too
Auto update apps

New inspector; location, travel time, weather; gives suggestions

Maps update; for Mac; set up on mac, send to iPhone; fly over data

Dev SDK to add mapping functions to your app

iBooks on Mac Now too; should be Great for Students

Mavericks connects you across all of your Apple Devices

Final release this Fall 🙁

Macbook Air;
New line; All day battery life; 4th gen intel processor
wake up in 1 sec; standby 1 moth
11inch 9hrs batt 13inch 11hrs batt life

wifi 802.11ac
new airport basestation; new airport timecapsule

environmental safe

Sneek peek at 3d in macbook pro

New Mac Pro
thunderbolt 2; 20gbps
Dual workstation GPU’s

supports 4K displays; up to 3

final cut pro X will update for it

Assembled in The USA
that’s the Mac Pro

Back to Tim
iCloud 300M user’s
game center 240M user’s

800B iMessages

7.4Trillion Push notifications

iWork getting iCloud integrated
iWork for iCloud; Mac or PC(windows 8); further putting Blackberry to sleep
All happens in a browser now(safari)
supports Safari; IE; Chrome

600M iOS devices sold
iOS users use 50% more than Android
More mobile shopping traffic
iOS 7; biggest change to iOS since iPhone
cleaner look; whole new structure
New icons; new palete of colors; new depth;
as you move device n your hand, tracks your motion
Very Clean
New features;
Control center; a little android-ish, but better!
Multitasking for all apps, with great batt life
New Safari; Tabs
Airdrop; share with anyone
New camera and photos app; organized into ‘moments'(hurting facebook)
photo filters; takes from IG without need for IG
Added video to photo stream

soundwave across the bottom; All new voice; male voice choice now; other lang’s; Siri smarter, alot more answered ?’s
Siri working with Bing
iOS in the Car; using siri, get on in-car dash
iMessages read to you(eyes free)

App store;
look for apps based on age range; Apps by me; apps update automatically(some ppl may NOT like)

new ‘now playing screen’ iCloud integrated
iTunes Radio; featured stations; create own stations; put in artists and get station(like pandora)
iTunes Match subscriber it’s ads free, otherwise Free with iAds

facetime audio
notification syncs
phone/facetime/imessage blocking

Activation Lock; can’t reactivate phone if find my iPhone is wiped or turned off; Theft deturrant

opening up 1500 new API’s

iTunes Radio;

Branded as the best way to hear new music; Taking the VERY Large iTune Library creating Playlist’s that can be adjusted….and all FREE(with iAds), But Ad free with a subscription to “Match”

iOS 7 in beta for Dev’s Today; final release this fall

It all looks Pretty Damn Incredible….But we won’t Really know how much until it Drops!!!