(Video) Drake Taunts Kanye By Wearing His Face As A Mask On Stage

You can say he’s paying “homage” to Kanye, but after Ye’s most recent remarks about Drake’s music being overplayed on the radio…how can you debate this isn’t a shot lol.

(Video) Cops Abuse 18 Year-Old After He Argues With His Girlfriend, They Place a Mask Over His Head

This isn’t just a problem in America folks. Take a look at cops (I believe in the UK) clearly abusing this young black teen in open site, while his girlfriend screams for his safety.

(Photos) Uh…Random! Amber Rose Grabs Coffee & Gets A Pedi While Wearing A Face Mask

Well this is rather bizarre, especially for Amber Rose who doesn’t really do too much for attention. I guess those Ebola fears are mad real! The beauty was spotted out in L.A. over the weekend, running errands while wearing a mask, apparently protecting herself from germs? Let us know why you think she had it on! More pics in the gallery.

(PHOTOS) NBA: LeBron, Savannah, Wade, Gabby & More Party at Chris Bosh’s Huge Birthday Party!

He may not be wearing a mask on the court anymore, but he is rocking one off the court.  Everyone came out to celebrate Chris Bosh’s birthday party last night including Wade & Gabby, Emily B, LeBron James (rocking a black mask) and wife Savannah & more! Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Lebron Ditches Mask, Complains About Jerseys

Lebron has had it with his mask. He also is not a fan of the t-shirt style jerseys the NBA has made players wear this season. Bron was clearly frustrated by a blowout loss to the Spurs, which was the Heat’s biggest loss of the year. He threw the mask off during the first quarter and never put it on again. He indirectly blamed the mask and the jerseys for his poor shooting night, while making sure to say he wasn’t making excuses. This will probably be the last we see of the mask. Hit the jump to see what he said.

(PHOTO) NBA: Marvel Designs Mask For LeBron James!

After LeBron’s big 61 point night on Monday, Marvel decided to design a special heroic mask for him.  It was designed by Greg Land of “Uncanny X-Men” fame.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

(PHOTOS) NBA: LOL, Twitter Goes Crazy With LeBron Mask Memes!

You knew it was coming right?! Lol.  Yes, LeBron’s mask has taken over Twitter — not only is he/it trending, but some great memes (and jokes) have already been created.  Check it out…

(PHOTOS) NBA: Batman? R. Kelly? LeBron James Mask Revealed! What Do You Think?!

LeBron wanted to keep his mask a secret & now we finally got to see what it looks like as the Heat take on the Knicks.  He’s rocking it due to a broken nose.   Check out the one he rocked 10 years ago & the one he’s got on tonight.  Fans are loving it!!

(Video&Photos) NBA: Bane James? Lebron Spills Blood On Court, Tweets Funny Pic After!

Lebron & the Heat dominated the Thunder last night in a highly anticipated rematch of last month’s game in Miami, but it came at a price. Towards the end of the game Lebron drove to the rim and got hit in the face right on the nose which sent him to the floor bloody and woozy. Just to show how great he is, he still was able to finish the play and make the shot. It seemed like alot of blood was leaking from his nose in just a short period of time and he was walked directly back to the locker room before the game was officially over. Shortly after the game however he seemed in good spirits when he posted a pic of the mask he might have to wear to his Instagram. Hit the jump for the video & photos.

NBA: JR Smith Breaks Cheekbone & Will Have To Wear A Mask

Good gracious, another Knicks injury?!  At least this time, he can still play — but with a mask.  The team announced that J.R. Smith suffered a small fracture in his left cheekbone during Sunday’s game.  He is expected to play Wednesday, but he will be rocking a protective mask.  This should be great. Lol.  Hit the jump for more details…

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