OUCH … Microsoft CEO Calls It Quits !!!!

Microsoft has announced today that CEO Steve Ballmer has decided to retire within the next year upon finding someone to fill in his position. In the mean time Ballmer will continue to perform his duties as CEO and lead Microsoft through its transformation of devices and services.

What Phone Maker Is Putting Itself Up For Sale??

Bad news for BlackBerry lovers – as if there has been any good news lately. With sales slowing and usage numbers dropping, the board of directors of the Waterloo, Ontario, wireless company has decided to form a special committee to pursue opportunities to sell the company or pursue other options to stay in business. What does this mean for the average smartphone user? Read on for more details.

(Video) Check Out The NEW Xbox One Fresh Out Of The Box!!

This is going to be ‘One’ Hell of a Holiday season, 2 New gaming systems that will be the Device to Have!! I mean this is going to be MEAN, You have to see all theNEW SH*T that comes With the system….So If you haven’t seen it, hit the jump for the First Xbox One unboxing!!

You’ll Never Believe What A Blind 97 Year Old Does With Microsoft Paint

Hal Lasko, a 97-year-old man with failing eyesight, uses technology about as old as he is. Lasko is a former typographer and now makes paintings using Microsoft Paint for Windows 95. Compared to the doodles I’ve seen from Microsoft Paint, Lasko is basically Picasso. Check the gallery to see his creations.

You Won’t Believe What The NSA Can Tap Now!!

So along with Edward Snowden reporting that the U.S. has been spying on its allies, the latest news from the Redmond, WA, technology giant implies that any calls made on Skype are subject to the same snooping by the NSA as regular phone calls. In a blog post today, Microsoft revealed that they “assume that all calls, whether over the Internet or by fixed line or mobile phone, will offer similar levels of privacy and security.” In an era when everyone is constantly connected, it’s amazing that the NSA can collect, let alone go through, all of the content that Snowden alleged.

Microsoft Announces It’s Getting A MAKE OVER!!

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has sent out a memo saying that they will soon be undergoing the biggest restructuring the company has seen in years! They intend to drive sales by transforming the company into a more of a device and services kind of organization. Hit the jump for all of the details ..

WOW!!! Microsoft Is Really Shutting Down THIS Service!?!?

Microsoft was the first company to bring the world a set top device that which allows you to go on the internet on your TV called WebTV/MSNTV. The company is now taking steps to shut down the product and its service.

Microsoft Making Smartphones That Can Do WHAT?

Imagine having a phone that can tell what mood you are in? Well that’s Microsoft’s newest big idea for the smartphone world, hit the jump to find out more..

Microsoft Windows Store Now Has HOW Many Apps!?!?

Today, Microsoft’s Windows Store has reached a milestone. The store now has 100,000 apps available for Windows 8 customers to download.

Xbox Music Is Finally Available For Everyone!!!

Back in October Xbox music launched on Windows 8 devices and now the streaming service is available for everyone via web. The company offers a 30 day trial of the service and has millions of songs in its catalog.

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