Rikers Island Officers Allegedly Beat Mentally Ill Inmates Routinely?!

After The Department Of Health conducted a study within the Riker’s Island correctional facility reports are alleging that 129 inmates have suffered beatings at the hand of officers and 77 of them are mentally ill.

Wait, What? Is Miley Cyrus Trying To Throw Shade At Ariana Grande?!

Miley is stirring up some controversy once again, what a shocker. In a recent interview with New York Times, Twerk Queen Miley Cyrus had a few suspect things to say about the former 19-year-old Nickelodeon star and we’re not exactly sure what she meant by it. The “Wrecking Ball” singer was basically clowning Grande’s appearance, saying that she’s “too cute.” Click below to see what Cyrus had to say about Ariana!

Wait…. Who’s Been Hacked….AGAIN?!?!

This is the second this month, The New York Times website has been hacked. The website went down around 3pm today leaving users unable to log on.

NBA: Oh Really?! Kanye West Compares Himself To Michael Jordan

I used to love myself some Kanye and I still love his music, but lately the whole attitude ALL the f*cking time is really tiring.  No one wants to see that sour face.  C’mon Ye, smile…it’s not so bad! Some fans don’t care for Kanye because of his cockiness – but that’s also why other fans LOVE him.  He’s already made God references, so it’s not strange that he’d compare himself to one of the greatest basketball players ever — Michael Jordan.  He did an interview with New York Times and used a couple sports analogies to make a point.  Check it out & let us know what you think.  Is he right?!

Alert: You May WANT To Change Your Password, 250,000 Users On Twitter Hacked!!!

Twitter, alongside other prominent websites such as the Wall Street Journal & the New York Times have been compromised & their security breached. Twitter has already gone on to have the passwords reset & any account that has been attacked will receive an email to do just that. But just to keep safe, you should probably go ahead & change it. Read more in the links after the jump regarding what happened to Twitter as well as the others.

Guy Fieri Defends His New Restaurant Despite New York Times Review

Pete Wells, a New York Times Food critic had some pretty mean things to say about Guy Fieri’s new Time’s Square Restaurant, but the New York Time’s held a 160 person event at Fieri’s restaurant the same day his article hit the press. Guy took it to the “Today” show to get their reaction, hit the jump. PaulDaPro

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