Samsung Lied About What??

Samsung recently came out with a new version of the popular Galaxy S4 for international markets. The updated phone, powered by a new processor, boasted impressive performance. Samsung got caught in a lie about the performance of the new phone, though, after basically gaming a piece of software to show the phone as faster than it actually is. Read more for how exactly they pulled this off – and how they got busted.

Korean Company Brings 3K Jobs To The States

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and if it’s not we’ll make it bigger. Samsung has an existing memory chip facility in Austin that is at minimal productivity at the moment. They’ve been in talks with the powers that be of the state of Texas to schedule a major renovation that will guarantee jobs for Americans. What started in 2006, will be expanded to carry a product line of processors which should be complete by the second half of 2013. Jump for details of the expansion. Tat Wza

Apple A5 & A6 Chips Not So Foreign ??

Apple mentioned they’re in the process of moving some of their manufacturing to the states. By 2013, they should have a large portion of iMac’s being assembled within the states. One of the most important parts of the iPhone & iPad is already made here in the good ol’ USA. Hit the jump for the story. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Review: IFWT Puts Hands On The Retina Macbook Pro!!!!

O…k..k..k..I just figured since Love & Hip Hop ATL was running with Lil Scrappy, we could hear that…No, Ok Let’s move on. As you can See by the Pic above, the Apple Store is All about the NEW Retina Macbook Pro, So we went in to Chek it out!! Hit the Jump. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Rumor Is: iPad 3 Will Have A Quadcore Processor And LTE???

Leaks that lead to Rumors usually pleague Apple close to a Release, but this has always been a Good problem for Apple. Thing is sometimes the leak is something they are thinking about, or working on for future products and the rumor mill associates them with products getting ready to drop, But I don’t think that is the issue here, hit the Jump! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: Speed Of The iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 4S!!!

This is kinda incredible, for those that wondered or said “Ahh I don’t need a 4S, I have a 4” let me say this, this Video let’s you know how foolish you sound, there is absolutely NO comparison!! There is another phone next to the 4S that seems to take an L, but Not as bad, hit the link and see for yourself!!! WZA on Google+

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