(Photos) MLB: Orioles Forced To Postpone Tonight’s Game Due To Baltimore Riots

Most of us are aware of the riots that have been taking place in Baltimore today and it does not appear that the crowd will be letting up anytime soon. The Baltimore Orioles were forced to make a decision about tonight’s game! Click more to check the story!

(Photos) NCAA: Fires, Riots & More Break Out On Campus Of University Of Kentucky After Final Four Loss

Goodbye perfect record, hello drunk and angry college kids with nothing better to do than start fires and damage property. After the Kentucky Wildcats lost to Wisconsin 71-64 in the Final Four, ending the Wildcats perfect season, students back on campus in Lexington, Kentucky took to the streets to cause a ruckus for no reason. I will never understand what is the purpose of starting fires and damaging other peoples cars and fighting amongst each other because the team lost. Most pictures show cops standing by watching but not really doing much. What’s messed up about situations like this is if it was happening in another part of the country the people “rioting” and starting fires would be called “thugs” or worse. But since this is Kentucky they will just chalk it up to drunk college kids having a good time. Check the gallery!

(Photos) Mike Brown’s Autopsy In; Police Fire Off Tear Gas To Uphold Curfew In Ferguson

Every since the murder of youth Mike Brown back on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, the city has been in sheer turmoil, as well as a city divided. The police who have put a curfew in place to minimize the crime and looting, resorted to the use of tear gas on protesters to uphold the midnight curfew. Shortly after 9pm the police began firing off tear gas. See detailed report inside.

(Photos) Filipinos Protesting President Obama’s Visit Get The Super Soaker Treatment

A group of over 100 left-wing Filipino activists were protesting President Obama’s visit with rallies, riots and a bunch of nasty signs that read “Obama Not Welcome.” During their march outside of the United States Embassy in Manila, police gave them all the water hose treatment due to their out-landish behavior. President Obama just landed in Japan on Wednesday and will be making his rounds to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines with hopes of increasing American militia in Asia. See the pics from the water feast in the gallery.

(Video & Photos) NCAA: Tear Gas, Police Beatings & More As Riot Breaks Out After Arizona Loss

It was a crazy scene in Arizona following the Wildcats 64-63 overtime loss to Wisconsin in the Elite 8.  Wildcats fans began to riot and confront law enforcement in the streets on/around the University of Arizona’s campus.

(Video) Thousands Involved In Brazilian Bloody Riot Over Public Transportation Fare Raise

When the Brazilian government announced they were raising the fare for public transportation by 20 cents, the Free Pass Movement, a small but strong set of protestors used their constitutional rights to protest. What started out as one act that eventually turned into seven acts with thousands of people taking to the streets became a protest that the government could not ignore. The city of Sao Paulo tried to stop the movement with police force, but after social media spread images and videos of police brutality, the media could not ignore it anymore. If you want to see some real protest and citizenship over injustice, watch this. In a 2 part series documenting the seven acts of protest, check out this amazing video after the jump.

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