(Photos) Man Targets Tyga In Successful Burglary

Man Targets Tyga, This guy thought of everything….everything except to target the correct house 0_o Here’s the scenario, dude rolls up on the block and asks ‘where’s Tyga’s house’ (Witness #1), goes directly to the backyard of where pointed to, breaks in, takes a couple things, leaves, calls 911 himself requesting medical assistance(another thing to track), and is picked up….

(Photos) Golf: Robert Allenby Kidnapped, Beaten & Robbed After Being Cut From PGA Tour

What a terrifying ordeal.  Australian golfer Robert Allenby says he was kidnapped from a bar in Hawaii, robbed and beaten, before being dumped in a park.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Actress, Eliza Dushku Robbed at Comic Con?!

  Police officials report thieves stole the actress’s expensive Louis Vuitton handbag as she was checking into her hotel early Saturday. Dushku took to vent to her Twitter that the bag was a gift from Sharon Osbourne and she was almost sure that the suspects who stole her belongings possibly were staying at the same hotel. After a short investigation and looking at the surveillance police say they arrested 27-year-old Scott Pryor and were searching for his accomplice 30-year-old Jamie Lange. Well, I hope it was worth it, they got to hold an expensive bag for a couple hours. We at least hope it matched his shoes!

(Video) WTF: Sandra Bullock Gets Her Home Broken Into While She’s Still In It!

If being robbed isn’t already a terrifying experience, imagine someone breaking into your house while you’re still in the comfort of your own home?!

(Video) Boxing: SMH Homeless Guy That Got $1,000 From Adrien Broner Got Beat Up & Robbed!

There was a very touching story when boxing champion Adrien Broner posted a video giving a homeless man $1,000.  The video went viral and unfortunately the story has taken a sad turn.

Sports: What The Hell? Another NBA Player Robbed While Playing in Playoffs!

Let’s see there was Nick Young, then Paul George and now Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Andre Roberson all robbed while playing in games. Andre Roberson was burglarized during Game 3 of the NBA playoffs, but the good news here is that they have a suspect in custody.  Hit the jump for details…

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