(Photos) Nasty! Rodent Fur Found In Heinz Ketchup WHERE?!?!

More disgusting news for ya. This time, it’s from beautiful Brazil. Despite it’s apparent beauty, health officials discovered rodent fur in a batch of Heinz ketchup. The contaminated condiment was actually made in Mexico and imported to Brazil, so officials have now launched investigations in both countries to determine the cause of such a discovery. In the meantime, the entire batch of ketchup has been discarded and removed from circulation. Despite the disgust, it’s not completely uncommon for vermin to show up in food. Hit the jump for pics of situations like this.

Tech Talk Space: What Was Found On Mars?!?

Well, this is pretty crazy. After some hard-core researching by space buffs, they perhaps have been the first to discover life on Mars. Well technically the Curiosity rover found it. But they did point it out. Keep reading to find out what this mysterious life form was.

(Video) Caught On Tape: A Rat On The NYC Subway!!!

My Very Beautiful Friend @Spankss, and #IFWT Reader, Sent us a Video of her experience of being on a Train, and a very Fast Rodent trying to take up some residence with her and the other passengers, Hit the Jump to see it for yourself!!!! +TatWZA

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