Ok I was on some profile pages on twitter, and noticed it kept saying “Display Media” on the right side, so when I hit it, a picture gallery of the pics that the person uploaded so I found mine too to examine, hit the jump, just in case you don’t know about it!!

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Ok this is cool, once you click on the gallery, you can do a couple of things, you can click on the individual pics, and see the tweet that goes with it, Each time a pic is tweeted it comes up in the line of pics, and each time you click on the individual pics you’ll see the tweet that goes with it, the other thing you can do is click on the full gallery an see all the pics at once, without the duplicates. All of this is clean, the only thing it’s missing is seeing the amount of times the photo is viewed, like Lockerz -_-
See these photo’s to know what I’m talking about!