We made the Announcement about Jelli, the on-line Radio App that Facebook offers, but we didn’t really get into how it works, That’s where I come in, the break down to know if you really ‘Like’ it or Not, After the Jump!!!

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Well let me start by saying Nothing will replace the actual radio(that one is for Broseph) , but seriously, You guys already know that you’re listening to music in so many different ways now, it’s almost impossible to listen to the radio unless you’re in the car(or listening to the stream on Hot97.com) but since you’re probably on one of your social media accounts, like say Facebook(the world’s largest at the moment), there is a NEW easy way to not only listen, BUT also interact!! You can pick what you want to hear, and decide if you want to keep hearing it, have it Never pop up again(You can also Purchase songs you like). If you do ‘like’ a song, you give it a thumbs up(Rocks) or a Thumbs Down(Sucks) and it will show up more, or not show up much. You can also Drop a bomb on a song(Funk gave his approval) which in this case, is not good, it actually sends a song lower on the playlist(playlists are where the songs show up), you should only do this if you really DO NOT like this song, Now IF you do REALLY like a song, you want to ‘Rocket’ it, that sends the song toward the Top of the Playlist, but Jelli gives a warning, apparently it’s bad etiquette to Bomb a song that other Jelli user’s have Rocketed! Jelli Will keep stats on how you move around, that you can check anytime. There are so many ways to communicate with other user’s, you can message, or Chat with them, or just add a comment on a song in the timeline. You can invite friends from Facebook or even friends whom are not on Facebook to become Jelli users, if they are not already. Also, they are on Twitter(i’m sure for the purpose of sharing songs), Not to mention there’s an App for That, an iPhone App of course(see video below), No word on Android just yet( -_- ). Look, Peruse through the Pics to see a little guidance for yourself, then hit the link and sign up, either through Jelli or Facebook!!

JELLI ON iPhone: