Listen to Music through the Cloud!!

Ok I def got invited to Google Music Beta a couple Months ago, And I apologize to give you info sooner, but I wanted a better understanding, it is still in Beta, so that means a limited number of people have it and are able to try it, and they haven’t added all of the feature they plan n incorporating into the Cloud based software, So I wanted some more feature’s to be incorporated, Like it’s Now on iPad as well, But See the Full Peek for yourself!

Ok where the hell do I start….I guess the beginning will do, so 1st I begged everyone I knew, and didn’t know for an invite, and I actually got a few, But The Homie:

So I got in and to be honest, I was impressed, once the manager was downloaded and opened, it asked if I wanted to immediately wanted uploads from iTunes, I said yes, and it immediately started to put my iTunes Library on the Cloud!! And keep in mind, this was Before iCloud launched. So we(the world) now have a better understanding of Cloud, Google is getting ready to launch the public version of their Music Player(even though they only have 1 record company lined up), they are saying they are almost ready, and have a twist, which nobody knows what that is! Well Check out the gallery to see how it looks on Android products(it’s native environment), how it looks on iPad(From Safari Only, NO App), and the types of Music it suggests through your gmail. And I would guess once it launches, and possibly become successful, it will integrate with Google+ at some point! Although I may not even be on Google Plus by then -_-. And The video at the bottom may just have some info you need as well, Ok Enjoy: