Well a few days ago I posted on a NEW phone carrier, and I say Phone because it’s not as much of a Cellular carrier, since it works off a WiFi Network, And uses an Android Hybrid phone, Hit the Jump to see the Specs!!!

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Ok So last night I got an email from Republic Wireless, telling me they were ready to Rock, But since I alsoProduce Funk Flex’s Radio Show, and Manage #IFWT, I was quite busy, running the show, and starting InFlexWeTrust’s Google+ Brand Page, So I didn’t hit the Email til this morning, and by that time they were either done with the 1st batch, or they want to gauge a reaction, but either way they told me to come back later, BUT I was able to get a read on the type of Device they were gonna off, and I have to say, NOT bad!! From what I understand, People are LOVING gingerbread, and the LG Optimus they are offering is running just that, but check out the specs for yourself, then rummage throughout the gallery to learn more about how the $20 a month company plans on delivering!!!

Phone Specs:


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