As you may or may not know, I love finding Apps, and as I was in Instagram, I saw SOME people using some sort of App the had Pics all Chopped up, So I asked and found out it was “Pic Stitch”, and it’s in the iTunes App Store, So incase you don’t know about it, Here it goes, After the Jump!


There are definitely a few Apps that go with Instagram, like Glmps is kinda Perfect, But it’s Not as Perfect for Instagram like Pic Stitch(Mostly because Pic Stitch can upload directly to Instagram), So let’s walk through it!

1st You download the App, and Just tap on the Logo and you’re in, NO login required, 1st thing you see is this(The Company that Makes it):

Then you get a whole bunch of Different Designs to pick from, Lke how you want your picture Pattern to look:

So Once you Pick Which Pattern you feel like will fit your pics the Best:

Then you are Ready for placing your Pics in the Squares, All you do is Double-Tap the Square you want to Place a pic in 1st, the App will take you to your Camera Roll, tap on the Pic you want and it will Place, Then you can do things like Add Effects, Crop, Rotate, Or Flip:

Once you have the Pics in the Squares, you can move them around so they show just the way you want them to, and Once you done everything you want to do to the Pic, you hit Export:

It will give you the Option to post to a Number of other Apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…After you pick the App it will ask you if you want to save the Newly formed pic to your camera Roll(which I Suggest):

Then it will ask you again which App you want to Upload the Pic to:

And it will Create a New Pic, & upload to said App:

And this is what it looks Like in your Camera Roll(in case you want to use it in the Future):

I find this App very useful and Cool to create your own kind of Special Picture! “Pic Stitch is in the iTunes App Store, But Android has its own type of App, called “Photo Stitch Lite”(reg Photo Stitch costs -_-), you can find links to both just Below. Please Leave a comment IF you found this Review Helpful, Or IF you didn’t 🙂