Azealia Banks took aim at Perez Hilton last night

So last night I was on Twitter and saw some retweet Perez Hilton saying something about him being in the game for 9 years and Azealia only about 9 months before seeing the whole beef play out. I can’t exactly pinpoint where the beef started since the two of them are all over the place, but I believe it stems from Perez’s tweets about being on Angel Haze’s team and asking Azealia if she had a problem with girls with small breasts. Of course Azealia brings up the fact that Perez is gay, calling him a f**got while later recanting her meaning of the word. She also says other homophobic things such as asking him if his ‘butthole whistles’, SMH. This girl is a MESS, every time I turn around she’s taking shots at someone else. So far in her short-lived career she’s beefed with T.I., Iggy Azalea, Kreayshawn, our very own Funk Flex and recently Angel Haze and I’ve only ever heard one of her tracks. See Perez and Azealia’s tweets in the gallery.

Julie A.