So I wake up and this is what comes my way(Thanks Brina!), You can now allow DM’s from people you’re NOT following and vica versa! This is pretty dope for most people(I wouldn’t do it as I get so much stress from artists I don’t really want stress from). I would like to get in touch with certain people without following them though.

Tat Wza

Twitter ever evolving, Has new settings and one is the new DM’s from people you’re not following, but there is also displaying media without the warning, Which I am good with, and last is marking your media as sensitive, which I will ignore. I mean it’s Twitter, we know what’s going on here,but at least they give you the option. I believe these new options are to engage more activity as their IPO will be dropping on the financial district in NYC soon(Wall St), and more activity is more value! But in all honesty, Twitter is active as hell, if news breaks, Twitter, if an argument happens, Twitter, Rants, Twitter, I mean what part of conversation doesn’t happen on Twitter?!?

*Hit The Gallery To See Settings*