(Photos) Apple Also Drops New iMac With Retina and The Mac Mini Is BACK!!!

I do think the evolution of retina was only right to be in their all-in-one design, so that was kind of a no brainer! The beautiful 27″ retina is def something every apple product user should have, BUT I am most excited that the Mac Mini is back with the best specs!!!

(Photos) Display For 5.5″ iPhone 6 Leaks!!!

There was a mockup aka Dummy 5.5″ iPhone, but this is the real display part that will used in the production of the new line!!

Twitter Now Allowing WHAT With DM’s?!

So I wake up and this is what comes my way(Thanks Brina!), You can now allow DM’s from people you’re NOT following and vica versa! This is pretty dope for most people(I wouldn’t do it as I get so much stress from artists I don’t really want stress from). I would like to get in touch with certain people without following them though.

(Photos) Rare Images Of 39,000-Year-Old Mammoth!!

What’s cooler than cool? Ice Age! I’m sure you all know what a Wooly Mammoth is. If not, think of the images attached to Queen Latifah’s voice in the Ice Age movies. Just like the movie, the mammoths were victims of the actual ice age that occurred millions of years ago. Recently, there has been a discovery of a very well-preserved mammoth in Siberia, which is now on display in Japan. Hit the jump for the pics.

(PHOTO) NFL: They Got Jokes! Check Out Where Dick’s Sporting Goods Places Tim Tebow On Display

Tim Tebow just continues to be the joke of the Jets even after their season is over.  This would have been even better if they stuck Sanchez directly next to Tebow.  Check out where Dick’s Sporting Goods placed Tebow in a display… GameTimeGirl

EU Stops Samsung From Patent Raid

In a country where competition is heavily prevalent, many companies are forced to go to extremes to set themselves away from the others. It’s not always easy to compete with competition, especially when they’re a billion-dollar company who makes leading technology products. Samsung’s attempt to patent-block companies came up as a big FAIL! Story after the jump… Tat Wza

HTC Exposes Loop Hole In Windows Phone 8

  Behind the scenes, manufacturers look to develop the next hot feature. High definition, 3D, Surround sound are all features companies have used to separate themselves from the competition. HTC has been in the works on something BIG! Working side-by-side with Microsoft on their new Windows Phone 8 OS, they tripped over an issue that will now become a halt in their project. Story after the jump… Tat Wza

New Samsung Galaxy S Models To Have Unbreakable Displays

  There have been prototype bendable displays leaking throughout the internet. Crazy right? A screen that can bend or fold? It may seem crazy now but Samsung, a leader in electronics and display technology, may not be that far away from an unbreakable screen. Hit the jump for details… Tat Wza

Qualcomm And Sharp Join Forces To Go Greener !!!

Sharp is well known for their jumbo sized televisions. Just recently releasing an 80-inch and 90-inch model, they clearly have mastered the technology. They have a specific type of technology that has a major impact on the amount of power the display draws. With everyone looking to go greener, this has shown very appealing to some big manufacturers. Hit the jump to see who’s teaming up… Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: OS X Lion Update Accidentally Displays Your Passwords!!!

If you updated your OS X Lion recently you might be at risk! hit the jump to check out the full story! +TatWZA X @ShottaDru

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