IFWT_techies Meet With Pres Obama
All the Top Tech Execs came together with the President to discuss of course how this healthcare.gov site can come into 2014, and the Biggest hot button issue on the web, NSA spying!

Tat Wza

Some people think this Meeting is shameful for President Obama, but Not really, he has the brain power to ask the right people after his failure, meaning he’s not too proud to get help when he did it wrong, that is SO dope…to me at least.

Allegedly they talked about improvements that will make the healthcare site run as expected if not better, and as far as NSA, Details of the meeting have not been released yet, but when it comes to NSA they may never be. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twtter have already taken steps to block NSA spying….But Stay Tuned!