President Obama Meets With Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google!!

All the Top Tech Execs came together with the President to discuss of course how this site can come into 2014, and the Biggest hot button issue on the web, NSA spying!

(Video) European Xbox One Fans Are Not Happy With The New Console?!

Yesterday we saw footage of fans rushing into store to get the PS4, but Xbox One came out a week earlier(reverse of how the new consoles dropped here in the States), and it seems european fans of Xbox are as unhappy as US fans.

(Video) Caught On Tape: LMAO…Cameraman Licks Reporters Ear!!!

This is definitely one of the more hilarious I’ve come across. As she, the reporter, was beefing about the sound, the cameraman steps in with a quick fix!!

Microsoft Gives A Statement On Xbox One Malfunctions, Here’s What You Have To Do!!!

The other day, just 48 hours after Xbox One launched, the news of a Major Malfunction went viral, But rest assured, Microsoft has your Back!!

Tech Talk News: Apple Says There Is No Quick Fix For Maps

Hoping for a fix for Apple’s Map app, you’re going to have to wait.  Apple says at the moment there will be no quick fix for the app.   Any update has to match what Google maps hase brought to the table. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Wife Of A Ticket-Fix Cop Not Riding With Him Or Standing By His Side!

Wanda Abreu, the wife of a cop that got caught in a scheme for ticket fixing, is now in a bigger legal issue with him after they were both charged for conspiring to commit murder.  They are being held for allegedly attempting to kill the key witness in the cop’s ticket -fixing case.  Although they are both being accused of the crime when Wanda was asked if she still loves him and will she stick by him she replied , ” I love my kids… and I can’t answer that.” Cold world! Hit the jump for the details on the case. Steph Bassanini

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