Son Shot By Dad For Breaking Up Parents Fight. During a fight with his wife, their 18-year old son interfered and broke it up, only to be shot at by his father three times who left and returned with a gun. Read more after the jump!

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So much for setting a great example for your kid who thought he was just doing the right thing. Parents should ever argue in front of their kids, no matter the situation it should never happen. In the rare case that it does happen and your kid tries to break it up to prevent things from escalating and all he gets is gunshots directed at him? Well that’s just sad and I hope justice gets served. The father is currently on the run in Northwest Houston as of this morning. A neighbor who lives next door to the family was also hit with a bullet while sleeping, he was rushed to the hospital along with the teen. Both are expected to make a full recovery. As for the father? I truly hope you’re caught and brought to justice. Tell me what you guys think about this horrible situation in the comments section below.

Source: ABCNews