An angry co-worker set two of his fellow co-workers on fire after an argument that sparked violence…this is graphic video so watch with your own discretion. Hit the jump for the full story and video.

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Chaos continues to reek havoc through the streets of Baltimore, Maryland as the death toll continues to climb – this time a man setting two other men on fire.

Christopher Harrison, 28, was arrested by Baltimore County Police on suspicion of setting two men ablaze Friday night alongside a highway in the community of White Marsh.

Authorities have stated that four coworkers who were traveling in two separate cars walked to a gas station after one car ran out of gas. When they returned to their cars, an argument amongst 3 broke out and a fight initiated.

David Widener, the cameraman, was just going to film a fight about to happen, but it instead turned into arson. The video footage that was captured is now being ruled as official police evidence in the attempted murder.

The arsonist Harrison, doused two fellow employees with gas before lighting them ablaze. One victim ran sporadically up an embankment while the other bolted across the highway screaming for help, than rolled on the concrete to put himself out. His clothes had already quickly burned away.

The two unnamed victims are both being treated at a local hospital with both in critical condition. One man has severe burn damage in over 90% of his body, while the other man suffers from 50% of his person burned.

Harrison is currently being held without bailed and is also facing assault charges.