Leisa Smith was having a good serving shift when former President George Bush & wife Laura sat at her table and tipped her very well. Leisa than turned her back on Bush and went on Twitter to claim he set up 9/11 – one of the biggest conspiracies amongst theorists. Hit the jump for this mockery.

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Smith apparently got a $40 tip on a bill that $21.47 and felt she had to tweet about it – which eventually went viral and made it’s way to the news lol. The tweet read:

“bush did 911 but he did me a solid and left me a hella tip”

What a clown lmao.

Smith than attempted to cover up her tracks by tweeting:

“I didn’t mean to make fun of 9/11 or the people involved, I was only trying to mock the people that really believe the conspiracy. President George W. Bush and his wife were the nicest people I have ever met and had I known the tweet would blow out of proportion like this I would have never tweeted it.”

Right right. Gallery’s above for fool’s gold.