Brandy has been having many difficulties when it comes to releasing new music under Chameleon Entertainment Group, in which she is suing for $1 million. No need to worry, the singer fights back with the release of her new music video to ‘Beggin & Pleadin’.

Alexandra McLeod Instagram|Twitter

Brandy fights back. After debuting her new single ‘Beggin & Pleadin’ on BET’s ‘Black Girls Rock!’ stage, the singer delivers her music video.

Brandy has been part of the music industry for years were she developed her r&b self image in the 90’s/00’s.

Unfortunately this r&b singer has had much difficulty since then when it comes to releasing new music. She claims that Chameleon Entertainment Group will not let her record and release new music, so she took matters into her own hands and decided to sue the label for $1 million, in which the two parties are still undergoing legal disputes.

Fortunately for Brandy, her fans remain loyal to this day and launched a #FreeBrandy petition via Change.org.

The petition reads: “This petition is to stand as a united front by unapologetically advocating for the contractual freedom of Brandy; demanding that Breyon Prescott & Chameleon Entertainment release her,”

It continues: “If you believe that Brandy should be free from this maliciously contrived contract and that she is a voice for our generation and imperative to our music soundscape, particularly to R&B PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. There is power in numbers! We will no longer remain silent.”

Go ahead Brandy! Do not let others stop you from doing your thing. We support you.