(Video) Watch President Obama Beatbox For A Vietnamese Femcee

During his trip to Vietnam, President Obama was giving a speech when a Vietnamese rapper that is apparently the “Queen of Hip-hop” there, started to speak on diplomacy and wanted to rap for Obama. The Pres responded with do you need a beat?

Toronto City Council Will Meet Over Size Of Drake’s New Mansion…Which Will Have A Museum

Big spender…Drake’s new mansion that is reportedly in the works of being built in his beloved hometown Toronto, is apparently so big that the City Council will have to meet over the size of the 21,000 square foot property.

(Video) Colombian Police Seize $250 Million Worth Of Cocaine In “Largest Drug Bust Ever”

What many are calling the “largest drug bust ever”, Colombian police have discovered an underground bunker stashing more than 8 tons of cocaine that was street valued at $250 million, right at the Panama border.

(Video) State Of Emergency Declared In Baghdad As Protesters Take Over Parliament

Protesters climbed over blast walls and broke through cordons to enter Baghdad’s “Green Zone” today. The Green Zone is home to miniseries as well as the U.S embassy. Lawmakers panicked and some were struck by protesters as they left the building. Some choose to hide in the basement for several hours, afraid of the crowd angered by corruption in the political system. A state of emergency has been declared in the country’s capital.

Obama Is Planning To Send 250 More Troops To Fight ISIS

U.S. officials have stated that President Obama will be sending up to 250 U.S. troops to Syria in the next coming weeks. This will bring the American presence in Syria to a total of 300 to help fight ISIS.

North Korea Will Stop Nuclear Testing Under These Conditions

The foreign minister of North Korea has said in an interview that the only way the country will end its nuclear testings is if the U.S ends all military exercises with South Korea. This comes directly after North Korea launched test missiles from a submarine.

Florida Father of 10 Axe Murdered Over $50 Dollar Lotto Ticket

A Florida man was murdered with an axe, police and relatives to the victim said. The altercation is said to have been over a 50 dollar scratch off lottery ticket. Police have yet to comment as the investigation is still ongoing.

(Video) Woah…Coast Guard Captures Submarine Containing $203 Million Worth Of CRACK

Drug Submarine. People are really getting creative these days when it comes to drug smuggling…first it was somebody stuffing it in their crotch, than their breast implants and now why not try going underwater? Hit the jump for this story!

U.S Airstrike Takes Out Al Qaeda Training Camp In Yemen!!

According to The Pentagon, an airstrike conducted on Tuesday struck an Al-Qaeda training camp in Yemen which led to dozens of casualties. The camp is said to have held at least 70 terrorists belonging to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Read the full story after the jump!!

(Video) TWO Bombs Go Off At Belgium Airport, Shots Fired & Arabic Screams Heard Right Before Blasts!!

Brussels Airport in Belgium has been shut down on Tuesday, after deadly explosions went off in its main international airport and a subway station in the heart of the city, near the headquarters complex of the European Union. According to news agencies, 13 people have so far been confirmed dead and the fingers are pointing right towards the men who planned the Paris attack in November. Hit the jump!!

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