1st Person Already Fired From Zimmerman Trial!!!

Kinda crazy, Almost all of the top 10 Trending topics are related to the Zimmerman Verdict, and a Top one was ‘Angela Corey’, The Prosecutor in the Case…But hit the Jump to See Why!!!

Uh Oh…Apple Did WHAT With Prices?!

Apple is being accused of working with five publishers to boost e-book prices. They said this conspiracy was put into play to undercut the sale of Amazon’s e-book market. This resulted in prices for some e-books being sold for $12.99 / $14.99 when Amazon sold it for $9.99. Hit the jump for the full story ..

99% Of Androids Are At RISK of WHAT?

Just recently a security hole was found that could potentially affect as much as 99% of Android users. According to the researchers at Bluebox Labs a bug that has been around since Android 1.6 allows for third party sources to basically push malware into your device in the form of an app update. Hit the jump to find out more..

WHAT?? Teen Put In Jail For What He Said On Facebook???

Justin Carter, a 19 year old from Texas has been in jail for nearly 3 months because of what he posted on his Facebook account. The father of the teen says that his son was jailed over a stupid joke that went to far.

WTF?? Ubisoft Gets HACKED!?!?!

Ubisoft website was hacked this week causing the company to ask over 58 million account holders to change their passwords. Although credit card information was not on the site, a lot of valuable personal information pertaining to users accounts was illegally accessed.

Will This Hacker’s Appeal Change Internet Laws???

Last year, Andrew Auernheimer who was convicted of stealing thousands of iPad users email addresses is now trying to get an appeal. This week his lawyers, Tor Ekeland and Mark Jaffe, filed a 74 page document to the US Court of Appeals.

Do NOT Get Caught In NYC Doing This!

Gov Andrew M. Cuomo as we all know is not an advocate for texting and driving. He is constantly increasing his efforts on raising awareness and implementing new laws to restrict people from carelessly driving while using electronics. But this time around he is making it his business that everyone abide by these rules. Hit the jump to see what new laws are being enforced..

Man Attempts To Sell Coffin On Craigslist. Guess What Was Inside!!

An Iowa man’s online classified ad offering an oak coffin for sale neglected to mention the full skeleton inside, so police interrupted the deal and seized the bones. Hit the Jump for more on this wild story.

WOW!!! Pirate Bay Co-Founder Is Going To Jail For THIS??

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is one of the founders of the file sharing network, Pirate Bay, was sentences to prison in Sweden. Warg was found guilty for playing a lead role in the hacking of some Swedish Government websites.

Dad Pulls a ‘Catfish’ On His Family?!

Here’s yet another story where a person wasn’t actually the person that one thought they were communicating online with. An ex-husband wanted to keep in touch after the divorce, but it wasn’t in a good way.

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