Miley Cyrus Addresses Juicy J Pregnancy Rumors

Apparently, Juicy J CAN say no to ratchet p#ssy…at least, Miley Cyrus’ anyway! Over the weekend, rumors flooded the web that Miley Cyrus and her father had announced the singer was pregnant with Juicy J’s baby while at the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards. (The show taped in ATL on Saturday, but will not air until next month. It’s one of the few awards shows that aren’t live, which is rather strange!) The rumors continued into the start of the week, but Miley finally shut them down with a couple of tweets this morning. The whole thing sounded outlandish from the start, especially because she’s rumored to be dating producer Mike Will Made It! Check out with Miley said in the gallery.

(Photos)Will Yeezy Take Paparazzi Advice From Chris Brown!?

Kanye has been having a lot of issues with paparazzi lately. Most recent, they showed up at his pad 4am, as he and Kim were leaving.

(Photos) Shots Fired: Azealia Banks Throws Serious Shade At “Urban Black Men Obsessed With Fashion” On Twitter

Harlem-femcee Azealia Banks took to her Twitter account to vent her true emotions on “Black men obsessed with fashion” and how “only women should be fashionable.” Although it is HER own page and she’s free to say what she wants, the rant was a tad bit harsh. Hit up the gallery and check out Azealia’s male fashionister-bashing tweets.

Kanye West Goes On Twitter Rant Against Jimmy Kimmel For Zane Lowe Interview Spoof

CAPS LOCK KANYE IS BACK! And he’s pissed! The outspoken rapper has dusted off his Twitter account to go on another long-winded rant, this time taking aim at former friend Jimmy Kimmel for his recent spoof of Kanye’s hour-long interview with BBC One’s Zane Lowe. It was rather light-hearted, using a child to portray Yeezy, but he’s not taking it that way. “JIMMY KIMMEL IS OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND SPOOF IN ANY WAY THE FIRST PIECE OF HONEST MEDIA IN YEARS,” Kanye began his first (of many) tweets. Hey…isn’t that a diss to his future mother-in-law? Ha! Check out the whole rant in the gallery, as well as Jimmy’s response. I’m sure this will end with Ye on the show eventually.

(Audio) Teyana Taylor Speaks To Hot 97’s Morning Show About Cyber Beefin’ With Rihanna

After Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, and BFF Melissa Forde had the cyber world in a frenzy yesterday, the G.O.O.D. Music representer called up the Hot 97’s Morning Show and dished out some deets on the beef to Ebro and Rosenberg. Check out the audio below!

(Photos) The Saga Continues: Chris Brown Fires Shots Back At Wendy Williams After She Went IN On Him

After Wendy Williams put Chris Brown in his place on her show after Breezy tried to put Hov on blast for “stabbing a man” and “selling drugs,” we already know CB wasn’t going to keep his mouth shut. Peep the gallery to see what Chris said via his Twitter page shortly after he got word of Wendy William’s rant.

(Photos) Oh Sh*t! Is Teyana Taylor Taking This Rihanna Beef TOO Far?! You’ll Never Believe What She Did..

WELL, DAMN! As if the beef wasn’t heated enough, Teyana Taylor took it there! Rihanna did take more shots by saying, “I hate broke b*tches.” But… Tey didn’t hold back when it came to her response. Find out exactly how all the beef laid out here and here. But find out what exactly Teyana did to escalate this beef in the gallery below! Rihanna also is deleting some tweets and changing her header to MAC make up products (sponsored company). PR going down their throats? Rih probably doesn’t care!

The War Continues! Rihanna Responds To Teyana Taylor; BFF Melissa Forde Jumps In

A little while ago, Teyana Taylor started going in on Rihanna on Twitter (directly @’ing her) as a result of a shady video Rih had posted late last night. The video was of Rih’s gay stylist, rocking a curly wig and a snapback and singing a portion of “Caught In The Rapture,” which would be all cool…if Teyana didn’t post the same exact video (sans the wig, since her hair is already curly) a couple weeks back. (You can watch the videos here.) Now Rihanna and her BFF Melissa are responding to Teyana’s tweets, and things are getting cray-cray! Though Rih still won’t @ Teyana, Melissa surely is and words are becoming more heated by the moment. Not missing an opportunity for promo (seeing as though the whole world appears to be watching this beef go down,) Tey’s publicist made sure to plug her projects on his timeline, along with mentioning that Teyana’s debut single drops next month. Hmm…could this be the reason Rih is taking aim? Fear of a little competition? What do y’all think? Check out the tweets in the gallery and let us know!

(Photos + Video) Yikes! Rihanna Takes An ILL Shot At Teyana Taylor…And Teyana Snaps Back!

Rihanna and Teyana Taylor have long gotten comparisons to one another because of their similar looks, especially when Rihanna started getting more heavily into fashion in 2007/2008. There was even rumors of a Drake/Teyana romance (much like the previous Drake/Rihanna romance,) but things always seemed to be cool between the ladies, despite the media trying to pit them against each other as usual. Unfortunately things seem to have went awry today, as Rihanna pulled one of her typical stunts (sorry, I love her…but she is the shade queen!) and threw a pretty crazy sub Teyana’s way. Here’s what went down: Recently, Teyana posted a video of herself singing a part of “Caught In The Rapture” on Instagram, sporting her signature curly hair and snapback. A few hours ago, Rihanna posted a video of her gay hair stylist, sporting a curly wig, a snapback and singing the very same part, captioned, “B*tches be like…yasssss.” Rih’s “Navy” argues that she posts silly videos of her hair stylist all the time, but puh-lease. This is CLEARLY a direct shot at Tey, and I’m not quite sure why! Check out what Tey had to say in the gallery. The videos to compare are below.

(Photos) You’ll Never Guess Who’s Showing Public Support For Drake’s New Album

To help promote Drizzy’s third studio album Nothing Was The Same that dropped today (9/24), he received a little bit of promo help from none other than…… Kris Jenner! The Kardashian clan leader took to Instagram to support NWTS and apparently, her strong love for the Blewish Canadian rapper. Check the gallery to see Kris’ supportive post.

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