(Photos + Video) Here Is Joe Budden’s Response To Kendrick Lamar

This should be filed under new music, Joseph. Why am I posted video and artwork! WHERE IS THIS RESPONSE THAT YOU SPOKE OF! [Insert all sorts of angry and distressed Emojis here.] It looks like Joe Budden has had a change of heart about recording a reply to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” record, despite getting his engineer prepared and even getting the single artwork made (which I can’t find right now after searching high and low but just know, it was made.) Instead, all we got was Joe listening to the verse on Ustream while smoking some hookah with a big booty girl and his boy Brandon. He did actually go to the studio though (above), but Emanny’s caption, “@joebudden rather sit & talk in the booth than actually rap in it. Smfh damn shame,” obviously speaks to what happened there. “I was pushing for my n*ggas to put out respond records but others helped open my eyes to why that was all wrong,” Emanny later tweeted. “Excuse my blind moments.” Sigh, there’s that. Nicki, I’m still waiting on you!

Twitter Testing Out WHAT NEW Feature?!

We all know that once something exciting is on TV our timeline was flooded with tweets and trending topics about it. As part of Twitter’s effort to keep that traffic and encourage users to tweet while watching shows they are currently testing a new “TV Trending” feature.

Cat Fight! K. Michelle Gets Into It With What Female R&B Singer NOW?!

The cat fights have erupted! K. Michelle is known for starting or being dead in the center of some trouble, so…surprise surprise! This time she gets into a twitter beef with a fellow female R&B singer. Drop down below for the juice!

Big Sean’s Ex Slams Him For “Sorry” Track With New Girlfriend Naya Rivera

Big Sean’s new girlfriend Naya Rivera just dropped her debut single “Sorry,” and it features a verse from Sean himself. That would be just plain cute, but the issue is, Naya is taking swipes at all of Sean’s exes, and Sean being on the song only seems to co-sign it. “Amber, Brytni, Tiffany…Sorry he belongs to me!” the GLEE actress sings on the song. “Heather, Ashley, Stephanie. It just wasn’t meant to be, sorry!” I think it was a pretty low-blow to do this, especially for Ashely, his longtime high school sweetheart. Though it’s not Ashley that’s speaking out, it’s a more recent ex, Brytni. I’m not sure how long they dated or even when, but I do know the above photo was posted on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, so that had to be either 2012 or this year (since IG wasn’t around for V-Day in 2011!) Check out Bryt’s response to the song in the gallery.

(Video) Naya Rivera And Big Sean Met Each Other Online?!

Online dating is the new norm, and this is most evident on social media where people tweet and Instagram people they have never even met. Naya Rivera and Big Sean are no different, according to them. In an interview, they talk about how they met through social media and it’s pretty funny. Check out the video after the jump.

Yikes! Joe Budden & Styles P Exchange Words On Twitter Over Kendrick’s Verse

It’s not all fun and games in the rap world over this Kendrick Lamar verse. As rappers and hip-hop enthusiasts alike buzz about the song on Twitter, steadily checking to see who will be the first to respond, Joe Budden and Styles P butted heads over what started off as a friendly exchange. Styles tweeted earlier this afternoon that any rappers Kendrick called out (this includes Drake, J. Cole, Mac Miller and more) should have responded by noon today. Joe, just making conversation, replied and said that Styles was included in that, since K. Dot basically called out all of NY when he said he’s the “King of New York.” Apparently The Ghost is not a fan of Joe’s, personally or professionally, and did not take kindly to the NJ rapper popping up in his mentions. Check out the exchange in the gallery. Sheesh! Can we just get this on wax, not TWITTER?!

Gucci Mane Disses T.I., Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti…Will They Respond?!

Gucci Mane is coming for blood. Just hours after Kendrick Lamar named names in his verse on “Control,” Gucci took to Twitter to do the same…though it’s clearly not in the same competitive sport that K. Dot did it in. In fact, it’s a downright diss, and this appears to just be a preview of a track he’ll be dropping later tonight. “Make so-called street n*ggas who rap feel insecure and that’s so honest,” he posted in a message on Twitter. “Thank god all the suckers hv [sic] left the squad. 1017pm I’m exposing all p*ssy ass rappers #ww3.” Uh-oh! Check out what he said specifically about Tip, Jeezy and Gotti in the gallery. Let’s see if they respond, and what this record sounds like later tonight!

(Photos) Discrimination! Which Rapper Gets Denied Service At A Restaurant, Because Of Too Many Tattoos?!

Not only is this rapper calling on TMZ, but he wants it to be known (especially, if you’re tatted up) that you should never go to Houston’s Restaurant in Pasadena or Santa Monica for that matter! Hit the jump and check out who got turned away at the door for their artistic expression.

Miley Cyrus Has A Message For The Haters Who Don’t Like Her Hanging With Rappers

Yesterday night, Miley Cyrus released her remix to French Montana’s hit single, “Ain’t Worried About Nothin.” The former Disney star has undergone a complete makeover as of late, hanging out with rappers, frequently sporting grills and twerking wherever there’s an opportunity. Even her music has done a total 180, much more infused with hip-hop and R&B than her previous pop records. Tired of the haters in her mentions, Miley finally took to Twitter to give everyone with something to say about her new lifestyle a piece of her mind. She what she wrote in the gallery. She ain’t worried ’bout nothin!

Rappers Respond To Kendrick Lamar’s Verse! See Who’s Dissing, Who’s Giving Props, Who’s Preparing Their Response…

Last night, Big Sean damn near broke the Internet when he released “Control,” a track that features Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica (though I don’t think anyone’s gotten to his verse…sorry Jay), and wasn’t able to be on his forthcoming sophomore album Hall Of Fame because of sample clearance issues. “…IT IS NOT no radio sh*t.. Straight rap,” Sean warned before he released it. “I’m talking 7min shit… Grimey sh*t.” And grimey it is! Kendrick had arguably the best verse on the track, but undoubtedly the most talked about. Why? Well for starters, he’s calling out all of his peers by name and challenging them to come harder. Most importantly, though, he dubbed himself the KING OF NY. A rapper from Compton, CA…the other side of the country…comfortably called himself the king of a city he’s only visited. Just one day after we celebrated hip-hop’s 40th birthday. Yo, New York rappers…y’all gonna let him have that? Because as of right now, 10:12 AM on Tuesday, August 13, 2013…he got that. Naturally, the people couldn’t just sit back and let this fly, and rappers began taking to Twitter to respond. Some were impressed and inspired, some were ready to get in the booth and show K. Dot a thing or two, some were hating (Lupe Fiasco…c’mon fam.) Unfortunately for me, hardly any…

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