Chris Brown Responds To Hit & Run Charges

Moments ago, the city of L.A. officially charged Chris Brown with a hit and run, stemming from a fender-bender he was involved in back in May. It seemed a little odd considering that Chris was actually photographed speaking with the woman when the accident occurred, but yet, the charges still came forth. He was also hit with one for driving without a proper license. Now Breezy is defending himself on Twitter and he’s denying the woman’s allegations, saying he did give her the proper info and his license is good to go. Now I’m no lawyer, but wouldn’t that be able to be quickly looked up and likely be protocol before randomly just charging someone for not having a proper license? So while I want to ride with Chris, I don’t think I can buy that one just yet. I definitely believe he gave her the info, though, and she’s making a scene. What do you think?

(Photos) The Dream Rants On Twitter About LACK Of Album Sales!

This is why I say, MOST producers needs to stay just that…A PRODUCER! Apparently, as a singer, The Dream’s album sales are in the lower digits, and a fan pointed that out. The singer of, “IV Play” really doesn’t care, because album sales are the least of his problems. He took to twitter to say that and then some! Hit the jump and see what was on his mind.

Mariah Carey Pushes Her Album Back

Mariah Carey decided to leave her gig at American Idol to focus on new music thanks to the success of her Miguel-assisted single “Beautiful,” and recently announced she’d be dropping a brand new album on July 23rd. She even went so far as to reveal the project’s title, The Art of Letting Go. However, that July 23rd date stands no more. Find out what she said about it in the gallery!

(Photos) Oh SH*T! Fans Dig Up [Newly] Famous Rappers’ Tweets From Before The Fame…& They’re Dissing Their Peers CRAZY!

Oh my GOSH! Ish got SO real on Twitter last night! I’m not sure if a new feature became available that let you dig back in the archives of old tweets easier, or someone just had a LOT of time on their hands, but either way…your favorite new rappers were put on mega blast! Going back to 2009 and 2010 on the timelines of artists among the likes of Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, Trinidad James, Wiz Khalifa and more, it’s hilarious to see the not-so-nice commentary they had on people who they now work with, are signed to or shoot…even are engaged to (WIZ!) And this is 100% real, no Photoshop! In fact, some of the artists even spoke out on it after their mentions went ablaze. Check out the old tweets and current responses in the gallery. Too funny!

Chris Brown Responds To Assault Allegations; Witnesses Come Forward

A woman came forward this morning to accuse Chris Brown of assault once again (who can forget the Rihanna incident…), but as the hours go by, her story seems more and more bogus. 24-year-old Deanna Gines claims Chris pushed her to the ground at his performance at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim on Saturday, causing her to tear the ligaments in her right leg. She’s since filed criminal charges against the singer. Taking to Twitter today, Chris tweeted (then deleted) that he didn’t do anything wrong, and continued to post messages of positivity afterward. Now an interview the “victim” did with TMZ and eyewitness accounts seem to back Breezy up. Below you can listen to Deanna’s call, where she says that she’s not planning to sue and all she wants is an apology….but yet, why does she have a lawyer and is continuing with her criminal allegations? SMH! Even worse, multiple witnesses that have stepped forward paint the picture of exactly what it already sounds like this girl is…a thirsty groupie looking for attention! Check out what they said below! Are you buying this chick’s story?

Wiz Khalifa Announces New Album

Now that the birth of his first born son Bash has happened and he took some time off for daddy duty, Wiz Khalifa is getting back to the grind. The Taylor Gang CEO took to Twitter just a little while ago to reveal a new album is on its way, while simultaneously dropping a new video and giving an update on his artist Juicy J’s project as well! Work, work, work! Get the 411 in the gallery.

Is Twitter Going A Little TOO Far?

As it seems every app is updating or getting a new feature it is only right that Twitter does too right? Hit the jump to see what Twitter will now be notifying us about now ..

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Is Going To Film Herself Doing WHAT?!?

The train wreck that is Amanda Bynes continues. While Lance Bass says Amanda is definitely not herself these days, she continues to let everyone know exactly what she’s doing. Now Amanda Bynes is going to film herself during a procedure and release it online. So what exactly is Amanda doing? Find out what she tweeted in the gallery.

HA! Drake Tweets WHAT About Miami Locker Room Rejection???

I know by now we all heard the story about Drizzy getting stopped by security from entering the post celebration going on in the locker room after Miami won the chip. Well seems like Drizzy is not taking it to serious peep what he had to say about it lol.

(Photos) WHO Asked Miley Cyrus For Twerking Lessons?!?

Is Miley Cyrus an official authority for twerking? She must be, because a huge pop star asked her for some lessons. It turns out Miley will exchange lessons with the pop star! Check out the Twitter exchange in the gallery.

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