It Was Only A Matter Of Time! Nicki Minaj Announces Departure From American Idol!

American Idol

Just moments after Mariah Carey announced she would not be returning for a second season of American Idol, Nicki Minaj has announced she too is leaving, and will be focusing on her music. When stopping by Hot 97 earlier this week, the YMCMB raptress revealed she’s gearing up to work on album number 3, and it will be completely hip-hop, much like her mixtape days. Can’t wait to hear her new stuff!

Lil Kim Doesn’t Seem To Believe Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj in 2008

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj stopped by Hot 97 to squash the almost year-old issue she had with morning show host Peter Rosenberg. After the pair ironed out the beef, the sit-down became an interview, with Nicki discussing new music, the film she’s working on…and who her favorite female MC’s are. Despite their long-standing feud, Nicki named Lil Kim as one of her favorites (along with Foxy, Remy Ma, Lauryn Hill and Missy), but apparently Lil Kim and her loyal fans aren’t believing her. Kim RT’d a few of her followers that said they think Nicki is full of it and “just using Kim for press,” but my question is…how is she lying? Nicki has ALWAYS stated that Kim was one of her biggest influencers and favorite artists growing up, and you can’t change the past in spite of current issues! Even when I interviewed Nicki way back in 09, she cited the very same ladies as her influences. It would be dope if these ladies could just put the issue behind them now. Seems Nicki is past it, and hopefully Kim is too! I can’t see them making music together any time soon, but being cordial would be a cool start! What do you think?

Mariah Carey Officially Leaves American Idol; Reveals Next Plans

Mariah on American Idol

Whether the rumors that American Idol execs were giving everyone the axe for next season were true or not, it no longer matters for Mariah Carey, as she’s just announced her exit on her own accord. The songstress revealed the news via her PR team on Twitter, and simultaneously revealed what she’s going to do next. Find out below!

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Saving Her Twitter Rants As Evidence To Try To Secure Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes

Rick & Lynn Bynes are really concerned about their troubled daughter, and are hoping to secure conservatorship to try and help her. Problem is, Amanda is definitely not cooperating, and it takes a LOT for the court to grant it. As a step in the right direction, her parents are saving all of her bizarre Twitter rants…and you know there are PLENTY! “Every single Tweet she has ever posted has been carefully archived should they formally decide to get a conservatorship of Amanda,” a source close to her said. “Her social media activity deeply saddens her family.” I hope they end up getting it, because Amanda is in desperate need of help!

(Photos) Evelyn Lozada Takes Boy To Prom After He Asked Her On Twitter

Evelyn Lozada goes to prom

After reaching out to Evelyn Lozada on Twitter, a Michigan teen had his dreams come true when the reality star accepted his date proposal for senior prom. Evelyn apparently loved the idea because she thought it would be fun, especially because she never got to go to prom because she had been pregnant at the time of hers 20 years back. Her date bought her corsage, but Eve took care of the rest, paying her own way from L.A., as well as a Denali to drive them to the event and a “fancy” dinner. She later blogged about the night, saying she had the time of her life. More photos in the gallery!

(Photos) And It Continues! Amanda Bynes Suggests WHO Kill Themselves?!


Amanda Bynes has gone off the deep-end, and this famous blogger is known for saying things to piss a person off, so why he go and mention ANYTHING about her getting “HIGH in Buffalo?” After Perez Hilton posted a picture to his twitter, along with one of his infamous captions, the girl gone wild lashed back at him with some pretty harsh language/suggestions by mocking his main pic on the social network. Drop down bottom and check out the gallery for this one! LMAO!

Waka Flocka Isn’t The Only One Who Has Her Back, Gucci Mane Weighs In His Opinion On Amanda Bynes!


Amanda Bynes has PR reps all around the world wanting to get her some help! Fans are even requesting that she calls on Oprah (good idea), but who knew after this ‘cry for attention’ she’d get major support from the hip-hop industry. Waka Flocka showed that he had her back and now, GUCCI MANE chimes in. LMAO! I guess her crazy downfall is a good thing since she’s an aspiring rapper. Drop down bottom and see what the 1017 “Trap House” rapper has on his mind.

Hmm…Did Rihanna Throw Another Shot At Amanda Bynes, Or Is This A Co-Sign?

Amanda Bynes & Rihanna back in the day

The latest in the wacky world of Amanda Bynes is POSSIBLY settling the beef that she created with Rihanna earlier this week. In one of her many infamous Twitter rants, Amanda had called out the Bajan beauty (completely unprovoked), saying Chris Brown had beat her because she’s ugly and a slew of other horrible comments. Rih quickly shot back with a subtweet, saying, “You see what happens when they cancel Intervention?” Amanda then backtracked, saying her followers had created fake tweets and that she loves Rihanna and they’ll probably be in a video together one day. (Right, LOL…) No reply on Rih’s end from there, so last night, Amanda tried again. The troubled actress took to her Twitter account to share what she says is a mocked-up image of her and Rih (though it looks pretty real to me, but whatever), saying she loves Rihanna and that she’s a beauty. She then followed up with a tweet about herself, which Rihanna RT’d. But question is, did Rih RT it to poke fun at Amanda, or to co-sign her/show love? Check it out in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

Miguel Takes To Twitter To Express Frustration: “Black People Are The Most Judgmental People In The World”


Miguel’s rather frustrated, and with good reason. The “Adorn” singer has been catching tons of flack for his performance-gone-wrong at the Billboard Awards a couple weeks back, not to mention the constant gay rumors that surround him and the typical slander all celebs receive on social media on a daily basis. Taking to his Twitter last night, Mig Money got a lot off his chest. Check out his rant in the gallery! Do you agree with him?

Chris Brown Pushes Back Release Of New Single With Aaliyah

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is dropping his new album X on July 16th, and planned to release the project’s second single “They Don’t Know” today, along with the recently-shot visual. The follow up to his hit “Fine China” features never-before-heard vocals from the late Aaliyah, but it seems there’s a tiny hold-up with its release, and it won’t be out today as planned. However, fans won’t have to wait TOO much longer. Find out when to expect the track in the gallery!

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