(Video) New Blackberry Alleged Super Phone Leaks!!!

Hahahaha, I know you’re thinking that’s a bit of an oxymoron, the words Blackberry and Super Phone, but this phone has been getting a modicum of chatter in the Tech world, people wondering is it real, or just a rumor to keep Blackberry alive, well a Vietnamese site called Cellphone S have provided a video(after the Jump) to prove it’s real.

Loose Your Phone Often? Google’s Got You Covered !!

Google has come out with an Android Device Manager for all of you that are prone to loosing your phones. But this is not like your ordinary phone tracker. Hit the jump for more details …

OpenTable Is Rolling Out WHAT Killer Feature??

If you’ve ever swiped a credit card on an iOS device using Square or scanned your smartphone screen to pay at Starbucks, you know that mobile payments are the future of retail. Mobile devices have reshaped almost everything we do, and along with making payments, mobile devices have also overturned traditional ways of making restaurant reservations. OpenTable, the largest online reservation service, is kicking off a new feature sure to make dining out a lot less painless. Read on to see exactly how they’re going to change the game next.

Fantasy Football Just Got THAT Much Better?!!!!

Yahoo is now allowing you fellow Fantasy Sports participants (not just fantasy football) to engage in a live draft from your mobile device. It also gives users who have the updated iOs and Android app the ability to support mock drafts in the event that you need to. Hit the jump for the link to download as well as pictures of the setup ..

So Android User’s Can Do WHAT That iOS User’s Can’t?!

Android’s are very customizable compared to other smartphones on the market which is what really sets Android apart from the rest. Now Android users even have the ability to selectively choose for certain apps to have access certain things. Hit the jump to find out more ..

You Be The Critic: Are You Addicted To THIS Game?!

This game is sweeping devices across the world, I haven’t seen this type of gaming Craze since COD raged across gaming systems! Now Me personally, I’m not into this type of game, I’m gonna stick with COD/Battle Field, But almost everyone around me is STUCK on this game….So I wanna know, Are you Addicted to Candy Crush?! You Be the Critic!!!

This App Lets You Buy People Drinks!!!

Bareye is a new social nightlife app that allows users to send and receive drinks at local bars. The user would check into the app at a bar and then others using the app can see you have checked in.

Suck At Remembering Names….Get THIS App!!

We’ve all been through it you wake up the next day from partying and you can’t put a face to the number you got or maybe you just really suck when it comes to remembering names LOL. Whatever your case may be kiss it goodbye with the app “NumberSnap” for Android. Hit the jump to see how it works ..

Ouch…Samsung Sales Crushing Apple!!

Apple’s global market share fell to 12.1% in the second quarter selling 27 million iPhones. TrendForce says that if the iPhone 5S doesn’t launch until early October Apple’s numbers will continue to get worst this quarter. Hit the jump for the full story ..

Holy Sh***…. Android Did WHAT ?!

Google CEO Larry Page announced this week that more than 1.5 million Android devices are being activated DAILY and that over 50 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play. These numbers are almost double what they were last year. There are more than 900 million Android devices worldwide and counting, which is pretty amazing considering the first Android phone launched less than five years ago. Google is expected to pass Apple’s App Store in total app downloads later this year or early next year. Congrats Android !!!

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