Is Apple Stopping BBM From Going In The App Store?!?

Allegedy Blackberry submtted BBM as an App for iOs to Apple 2 weeks ago and they are saying that’s a week and a half past the time Apple usually approves big apps. There is no word from Apple as to the hold up, but I have a couple guesses below.

(Video) Check Out This BBM Demo For Android Smartphones!!

BlackBerry announced sometime ago that they will be bringing their messenger to both iOS and Android smartphones. The company is planning to launch both versions of the BBM sometime soon.

(Video) Snapchat Has Competition With Invisibletxt?!!

This seems rather interesting, Invisibletxt boasting that they can send ‘safe and secure’ messages with ‘Patented Technology’. Could this be the grown folks version of snap chat? Hmmm we won’t know until it takes off as it has just launched! Video below can tell you a little more about it!

(Video) LOL, Do You Use Your Smartphone EVERYWHERE???

Over the past few years smartphone usage has seen a significant jump in usage. Whether you’re texting, taking photos or videos, it become part of our everyday life, literally. Check out this funny video after the jump.

(Video) Answer Your Door From ANYWHERE With This Digital Doorbell !!

You just have to LOVE technology, you don’t even have to be home to answer your door now, of course using your phone and an app! You MUST hit the jump to see this Made in America product!!

How To Use BBM For iOS And Android Exposed, And Will Be Out WHEN?!

Apparently a couple days ago Blackberry accidentally leaked the ‘Manual’ to operate BBM for iOS and Android. Now this manual has since been taken down, but there is at least 1 pic that is still on the web, an Android with the login page on it. There is some key info that you need to see on it because it may change your mind on using BBM, Hit the Jump!!

(Video) Will The Samsung Smartwatch Look Like THIS?!

This is an Exciting time, This could be a beginning of your phone being worn on your wrist!! Allegedly Samsung will have their smartwatch in the market this fall, but there has not been a bit of any leaks, and that in it’s self is a feat!! We do have a render video after the jump though, put together from patents and specs, and it’s pretty damn cool! Hit and See!!

“Oh You A Baller?” Can You Afford The World’s Most Expensive Apps?!?

I mean these Apps are the priciest in their perspective app stores, and have charges based upon their need to have them. Google Play only allow dev’s to charge up to $200, but Apple allows dev’s to go up to $999, Hit the Jump to what you could afford if you even want any!

Your Next Android Might Be Able To Do THIS!!

Google just patented a feature that would make sharing content with others a lot easier. Users would be able to drag private items into a space and share it with everyone is that particular range.

Yelp For iOS Adds A Killer Feature!!

Before today, users of the popular social review site Yelp were unable to post reviews of businesses directly from their phones. Previously, users had to log on online to add reviews. Today sees the release of an updated Yelp mobile app that puts the service on par with its major competitor, Foursquare, allowing iOS users to add reviews on the go. The feature is expected to come to Android soon.

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