(Video) BeatsMusic App For iOS & Android Is Live, Here’s How You Use IT!!!

IT’s been getting talked about for a good bit now, But it’s finally here, If you claimed your name a while back, you’re ready to use it!

(Video) RP1 iOS Gaming Controller, And More Great Mobile Gaming Accessories!! #CES2014

So I walked into this booth because I saw this controller on the wall, but didn’t see it in the booth, so when I asked where it was, they said in the back, only available to special invitee’s….so I went in the back to see it, and got some good footage of the new iOS gaming Controller RP1.

Dr. Dre And Jimmy Iovine To Launch ‘Beats Music’ App In 2014!!

If you’re in the Tech Music spec, you’ve known about this for quite some time! The project name was ‘Daisy’, which was always confusing to me, but now they are ready to let the Beats brand take it to the next level!

App Showdown!!! Which Messaging App Is Better?!

It’s been about a week since BBM dropped, and it got 10 Million downloads in 24 hours, not sure where it’s at now, but it’s being talked about, some good ways, some not so good. WhatApp is already been in use for a while, and may be the favorite, but that is exactly why we’re here, what do you think?!?

(Photos) Keri Hilson Pays Homage To T-Boz…But Does T-Boz Care?

Last night, TLC was on everyone’s minds as VH1 debuted their biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. Having been influenced by them as a teen, singer Keri Hilson dug in her crates for her T-Boz wig, and posted a photo on Instagram, paying homage to her and thanking her for making it cool to be a tomboy in the 90’s. A fan RT’d Keri’s post with an unimpressed Emoji icon, which T-Boz then RT’d, appearing as if she co-signed the unimpressed feeling. However, I did a little digging…and I see that T-Boz tweets from Android. Meaning, she doesn’t even see the Emojis, so she likely had no idea what the face was that she RT’d. LOL! Check out the tweet in the gallery.

(Photo+Video) Is THIS App Taking Over Instagram?!

In the last few days, I’ve seen so many people posting these types of images on IG, and for me IG is always a way to see what new app is doing well. This app seems like it was made specifically for IG, but it’s actually self contained as it’s own community, which is pretty dope!

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