Suge Knight Wants Bail Reduced from $10 Million

Marion “Suge” Knight and his attorney’s are arguing that the former rap music mogul’s bail in a murder case should be reduced from $10 million. Apparently, there’s a compelling reason for this, and you could find out why by clicking for more details.

Suge Knight Claims Doctors Believe He May Have A Brain Tumor

Suge Knight, the former executive for Death Row Records, has been in jail for quite some time now. He was arrested and put behind bars for running over two men, killing one of them. Since he’s been in jail he’s been having quiet a rough time. Suffering from multiple health issues and feeing cramped in his cell. Recently, doctors gave Knight some bad news saying they believe he may have a brain tumor. Read more below.

(Photo) Update: Dylann Roof’s Family Raises $700,000 From Kickstarter For Bail-FAKE!

Dylann Roof has been surprising the media all week from his emotionless facial expressions to his cold hearted statements but now it was set that for Roof to have an $1 million dollar bail on the single weapons charge.

(Photos) Dylann Roof, Charleston Church Terrorist, Gets $1Million Bail For Gun Charge

Before we jump to conclusions, his $1million bail that was set is strictly for the weapon he used to murder the 9 victims at the AME Church in Charleston. According to written law, the magistrate overseeing the bond hearing is not allowed to issue bail for the murders.

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Team Says No Way To Paying Suge Knight’s $10 Million Dollar Bail

Floyd Mayweather’s team wasted no time killing the noise Suge Knight’s lawyer was saying about Floyd coming to pay his $10 million dollar bail next week. His Lawyer, Matthew Fletcher told the New York Daily News that Suge was expecting Floyd to come through for him next week, but even when he said it the tone was more of trying to guilt Floyd into it than it being actual reality.

(Video) Boxing: Suge Knight Expects Floyd Mayweather to Pay His $10 Million Bail After Beating Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes in the world and after his fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, he’ll be millions of dollars richer.  His friend Suge Knight is hoping Mayweather will send a few of those millions his way so he can get out of jail.

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