(Video) 35 Brooklyn Gangsters Use Fake Credit Cards To Buy American Girl Dolls

35 NY gangsters were arrested of fraudulent credit card charges. The gang used their own equipment to print out fake credit cards The 35 people, which were men and women, were charged in 15 indictments with narcotics distribution, weapons possession and identity theft.

He’s HOT: DJ Khaled Accidentally Shows His Credit Card On SnapChat & Loses Some Major $$!

DJ Khaled might need to add not posting his credit card via social media into his list of keys of success. The We The Best mogul has been snapping his life away as of late and unfortunately for him, he made a big mistake. In one of his snaps, his American Express Black Card was visible. In just 30 seconds after posting, he lost over $80K from people using his card to make purchases. Scam Game MEAN *Flex Voice*

(Video/Photos) Check Out The NFC Enabled Apple Pay; Easy Way To Pay!!

Today’s announcement was really big for Apple, yes they announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but a software factor built into the new iPhone is Apple Pay! Yes people have beeeeen waiting a really long time for Apple to incorporate NFC tech into it’s products, but classical Apple, once they got it, it’s better than the rest!

(Photo/Video) Rick Ross & Ja Rule Perform In Brooklyn To Celebrate Magnises Launch!

There is a new credit card named Magnises on the market, that will get you into all the hot spots around New York City! What better way to celebrate a card like that then to throw a “End Your Summer Like a Boss” party on a Friday, and have Rick Ross and Ja Rule show up. Last night the two came through and performed some hits for whoever got to see the private show. Check out some photos in the gallery and footage after the jump.

Wow! Flight #MH17 Passengers’ Identities Are Being Stolen!!!

Considering the events surrounding the Malaysian flight that was shot down over Ukraine, the last thing you’d expect is for people to steal the identities of the victims. But, unfortunately, that’s exactly what began to happen. While families have to emotionally deal with the loss of their loved ones, they also have to cancel all financial accounts in the names of the deceased due to people abusing their credit cards. Hit the jump for more.

NBA: Magic Johnson Wants Judge To Seal Evidence In Lawsuit

Hmmm, is Magic Johnson hiding something?!  Magic Johnson was hit with a lawsuit last June over prepaid credit cards in his name.  Now he’s asking the judge to seal evidence in the case.  I wonder why?!  Hit the jump for details…

Worried About Your Credit Card Info After You Shopped At Target? Do This ASAP!

It’s such a mess over at Target right now, as they found out this week that they’s been hacked, but not a hack for it’s online store, but a direct hack on customer info from customers that purchased items in the stores it’s self, 40 Million Customers at that!

How Bad Do You Want It? Teen Pays For Breast Implants With Fake Credit Card, ID!!

Now on the lamb, a teenager with some serious front work is being sought by police. The woman allegedly used not only a fake ID, but also a stolen credit card to carry out the procedure. So far, investigators believe that the woman is 19-years-old, but so far it’s all they know. The actual surgery took place on April 12, 2012. It wasn’t until months later that the Doctor’s office was able to determine that the card used was stolen. Hit the jump for more info.

OpenTable Is Rolling Out WHAT Killer Feature??

If you’ve ever swiped a credit card on an iOS device using Square or scanned your smartphone screen to pay at Starbucks, you know that mobile payments are the future of retail. Mobile devices have reshaped almost everything we do, and along with making payments, mobile devices have also overturned traditional ways of making restaurant reservations. OpenTable, the largest online reservation service, is kicking off a new feature sure to make dining out a lot less painless. Read on to see exactly how they’re going to change the game next.

(Video) Ahhh Candy Crush…But Would You Pay THIS To Play It?!

We’re all either completely addicted to Candy Crush by now or know someone who is. None of us compare to this guy, though. He takes video game addiction to the next level. Read more to see the tantrum he throws when confronted about his gaming habit.

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