(Photo) Rihanna’s Publicist Apologizes For Rumor That Says Jay-Z Had An Affair With Rihanna

Rihanna’s publisict… opps.. I meant EX-Publicist, made a public apology to the Carter’s for starting the false rumor, that Jay-Z and Rihanna had a secret love affair going on. Who would want to make up something like that. Apparently Jonathan Hay.

(Photo) Jay-Z Has A Few Words For The NCAA On Dj Khaled’s “I Changed Alot”

Jay-Z seemed to be real charged up in his verse on “They Don’t Love You No More” as he addresses a few issues with the NCAA. Although the song was released last year, it is featured on Khaled’s album , “I Changed A lot,” which has been released today.

(Photo) Lil Wayne Releases New Song On Tidal

Lil Wayne has signed on to Tidal as a co-owner and dropped a new song!

(Photo) Jay & Bey Bailed Out Protesters

Now that the air is clear its okay to say Jay & Bey bailed out protesters in the most recent Baltimore Riots. Although it has been kept a secret for a short amount of time it was more than necessary to announce the good deed. Recently someone questioned about what exactly do The Carters give back to the community , and if they are any way involved in “Black Lives Matter” Keep reading to find out who was the first to fly off the handle and rebuttal that statement.

(Photo) Tidal App Averages Only 1 Million Streams A Day

Seems to be a lot of disappointment coming from this Tidal app not so much the app itself but falling out of the top 700 Apps to averaging only 1 million streams a day must have Hov like WTF!? Having all star musicians from different genre’s and genres alike would be like taking every great ball player from every country and forming a dream team but for some reason this team is losing on paper.

(Photos) Move Over Beyoncé, Blue Take Over!!!

Move Over Beyoncé , Blue Takeover!!!. Pictures of Blue Ivy have been surfacing the internet from the day she was born. As private as the Carters keep their private life, Blue Ivy is far from shy. Tina Knowles, mother of Beyoncé, actually thanks her granddaughter for talking her into getting married again.

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